Drink every time there is a shower scene.
Chug if there's more than one person in the shower.

Drink if a major character gets to have a long speech or monologue before he or she dies.

Drink when a (beautiful) female character is given a long ankles-to-head description (and the guys are barely mentioned).
Chug if she's naked when that happens.

Drink whenever a Puma (or other synthetic) gets gunned down (or otherwise trashed in the course of a story).
Drink twice if it's Adam.

Drink whenever a esper suffers Acute Synaptic Distress Syndrome (a.k.a. "brainburn").

Drink twice whenever anyone gets laid.
Sip if Marta and Ling Ling are in a story and have sex.
Chug if Marta and Ling Ling are in a story and don't have sex.

Drink twice if someone disses Shion and lives.
Drink three times if someone disses Ran and lives.
Drain the entire bottle if Shion disses Ran.

Drink whenever Asagiri shows up.
CHUG if WinterRose shows up or is mentioned.
Drain the entire bottle if Asagiri and WinterRose show up in the SAME SCENE!

Drink whenever Falcon dings or dents her bike.

Drain the entire bottle if Karin/Korey completes a mission and doesn't blow anything up.

Drink if Ling Ling shows up in her role as a fixer.
Take TWO drinks if both Ling Ling and Nabiki show up in the same story in that capacity.

Drink whenever Shion acts arrogant.

Drink whenever Marta comes on to another woman.
Chug if she comes on to Raven.
Down a six-pack and stayed glued to your screen if Raven accepts.
Go to your knees and praise the Lord if Ling Ling is there as well.
Fall to the floor twitching in pain if Marta comes onto Sandra.

Drink if Lilith, Matthew or Ray are mentioned
Chug if Matthew or Ray appear
Smack someone if Lilith appears.

Sip whenever Sandra says "tool".
Drink if she uses some other word in a creative way. (The sentence "Mattress-munching tool fairy" will kill you)
Sip if she puts someone down behind their back.
Drink if she does it to their face.
Chug if what she said just made any sense.
Sip every time Sandra's annoying inner voice comes up.

Take a drink whenever Kitten or Lora act angsty over their cybernetics.

Chug whenever something "blows up real good."

Drink if Asuka swears in German.

Drink whenever Shion or Raven teleport.
Chug if it's to another continent.
Drain the entire bottle if it's away from/back to Earth.

Sip if Shion teleports behind an opponent.
Chug if Raven does it.

Drink whenever Sanato appears.
Chug if he does something Gendo Ikari-like, like pushes his glasses up his nose with his fingers.

Chug if you ever hear Marta's middle name mentioned (yes, she has one).

Drink if Crusher exhibits his great STR.
Sip whenever Crusher rips his shirt.
Drink if Crusher gets shot more than 10 times in a scene.

Sip whenever 93 Underground gets used in the story.
Chug if it gets trashed in the process.

Take a drink if Pumas show up.
Take another drink if they're toting firearms.
Take yet another drink if they use them.
Drink half the bottle if they show up with firearms and DON'T use them.
Drain the entire bottle if the Puma Sisters show up with firearms and don't use them.

Drink whenever Jason/Drake sticks someone with a really big knife (again).
Sip if Drake blatantly flaunts his wealth
Sip if Drake gets in over his head.
Drink if he gets his ass shot off in the process.

Take a drink if a cyberdroid shows up.
Chug if a PK drives their fist through it.

Take a drink anytime someone pulls out a BIG handgun (SW Assault Pistol, Desert Eagle .50, or a Stormbreaker/Earthshaker).
Chug if someone uses an assault shotgun or cannon as a handgun.

Take a drink if someone points a gun at Karin, pulls the trigger, and goes it goes 'click'.

Drink if Raven is distraught and gives off PK side-effects.

Drink if Shion is piss drunk.

Drink if Dr. Lydia treats a major character
Chug if Dr. Snakeye treats a major character

Drink when someone enters the Zero Zone
Chug when someone leaves

Drink whenever some cannon fodder thug gets fried

Drink if Mei fawns over Matthew Shirow.
Chug if he accepts.
Chug if Matthew Shirow and Lora drink together
Drain 3 bottles if it's Matthew the PK and not Matthew Shirow...

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