[Scene: Jeffrey Schwarzenegger, grandson of the legendary actor/body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger and a current popular action star in his own right, is seen walking through a garden. Manicured lawns, bushes and expensive breeds of real flowers surround him as he walks. The actor turns and smiles into the camera as if welcoming an old friend.]

Hi there. Many of you know me through the heros I've played in the movies. Two years ago, because of you, my fans, I finally achieved my dream of winning an academy award for best action hero. And I can honestly say that I feel privileged in the life that I have been given. I had opportunities a lot of you didn't have, and I had the means to help make my dreams come true.

Last year, that nearly all came to an end. Some of you might remember the helicopter accident which hospitalized me for months and nearly ended my career. That accident was caused by a the sudden outbreak of a fight between two powerful and well known espers. They laid waste to the area and a lot of people were hurt that day, not just me.

After my recovery I discovered I was plagued by sporadic, uncontrollable bursts of telekinetic power unleashed by the duelling psychics. It disrupted my life, brought my career to a standstill, and on several occasions nearly resulted in severe injury to my wife and two year old little girl.

I was desperate. I didn't know what to do or who call. It seemed like everything I touched was ruined.

Then I called Synthetic Technologies MedSystems. Working closely with the experienced doctors and scientists we worked searched for a solution.

[Scene: Shifts to very clean looking hospital/laboratory. Technicians and doctors hard at work on high tech equipment and smiling as they talk to relieved-looking patients. The SynTech logo appears at the bottom of the screen and remains as the scene shifts back to Jeffrey who is now enjoying the aroma of a newly opened flower.]

Finally, we found something that works. It's called the SynTech Cerebral/Neural Bridge. What it does is actually bridge the left and right portions of the brain --

[An image of a rotating brain overlays the vid screen with a narrow middle section highlighted.]

--stabilizing and smoothing out the erratic brain waves which cause spontaneous esper manifestations. This technology, based on reliable solutions that have been available to epilepsy victims for over fifteen years, was shown to be 95% effective in curbing or eliminating espers.

[scene shifts back to Jeffrey]

The doctors at SynTech implanted the device. Their expertise and skill made the procedure nearly painless and completely eliminated the unwanted and dangerous mental emanations.

Today, I have been able to rejoin my family.

[Wife and little girl walk into the scene. The girl exclaims, "Daddy!" and leaps into his hugely muscled arms. His wife stands smiling at his side, holding his hand.]

My career is back on track and I'm already filming a new movie.

SynTech Medsystems saved my future and my family. If you have been experiencing unwanted or destructive psychic projections, give my friends at SynTech a call. They can change your life.

[Screen blanks and filled with a large, translucent SynTech logo on which 1-855-999-0000 (toll free) is displayed. A slogan proudly displays, "SynTech. Making a Better You.]

Recently on the news a SynTech press release announced a new Cyberware Lease program. This lease program is advertised as available for most cybernetic systems and allows the average person to afford four to six times the amount of quality cyberware they might have otherwise been able obtain. This move is intended to enhance the Company's goal of providing better, faster, and cheaper medical and technical care to their clients. In addition, so long as a lease is maintained, clients are allowed free, yearly upgrades.

Rumor on the street: A guy can load up on SynTech cyberware dirt cheap. But if you miss a monthly payment, they shut you down remotely and repossess your 'ware with potentially lethal results.

Rumor on the street: There has been talk on the street that someone, probably a corper, has been asking around for doctors and approaching them. No one outside the docs really knows what's going on, but some street docs definitely seem better equipped of late.

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