Rob Rutherford

Kami looked over at the girls in the coffee shop. Laughing, and enjoying themselves. Three years ago she was one of them. She came in here all the time to hang out and talk. She thought briefly about doing a quick change and doing some mingling. She then looked over at her shadow, the mall cop had been tailing her ever since she arrived, wouldn't appreciate her fraternizing with the locals. He was probably looking to have her ejected from the mall at the earliest opportunity.

But she gave herself a moment to daydream, she wished she could have the comforts of the Arcology. She remembered how she enjoyed being with the other girls. Shopping and hanging out together.

Sometimes she missed those days, but there was always found herself wanting, When the other girls were talking about how they some guy or another she always had to take the arrogant way out and say, "He's okay," or "just start picking them apart" Her friends on the other had she found absolutely gorgeous, she had to cover that up too. That kind of behavior may have been acceptable for college students, and adults. Maybe even a some innocent experimenting was expected, but she wanted much more than that, she wanted to indulge her carnal desires with a friend Michelle.

Eventually she had that opportunity, One day during the summer she dropped by Michelle's with a bottle of wine, and some bootleg videos. Just as things were getting interesting, Michelle's parents showed up, they had taken off work at early. Michelle's father was furious, he had always thought that Eve was a bad influence on his daughter, now here she was getting Michelle drunk and seducing her. The old bastard never realized the she only got Michelle to do things that she wanted to do, but never quite had the courage to do by herself.

"Hiya" the young girl's bubbly voice disturbed Kami's peaceful moment.

Kami looked up slowly from her cooling espresso. The three girls from across the coffee shop had come over to introduce and entertain themselves. Kami sighed, she didn't recognize any of them, and hopefully nobody would recognize her.

The girl continued, "I'm Felicity. What's your name?"

Kami checked out the girl, she her makeup was okay, but her hair was over styled, on the other hand her miniskirt was just the right length for Kami's taste, short. Kami realized that these girls were bored, and she was going to be their source of entertainment if she wasn't careful. So after a brief pause, "Kami".

The bubbly girl replied "Hi Cammy, nice to meet you, are you new here?"

Kami replied, "That's Kah-mee, its Japanese for white, Cammy would be short for Camilla, which is not my name." She smiled at Felicity and took a sip.

The two girls behind Felicity giggled, frustrating Kami's would be molester.

"Well," Felicity snorted, "Cammy, you still haven't answered my question."

Kami finished her drink, it might not be safe for beverages very soon and Kami didn't want it to go to waste. After placing the drink on the table, she looked Felicity in the eye, "You haven't asked me the question, you asked somebody named Cammy."

Felicity looked absolutely angry now, she wasn't about to let this nobody get the best of her. "Hmmph! " And regaining her composure and going back to her sickening sweet tone, "Tell me Kami, are you new here?"

Kami was hoping to frustrate this girl and get her to simply storm off, no such luck.

A voice rang out from the doorway, "Felicity, could you come over here for a minute?"

All the girls looked over, it was Michelle one of the seniors. Felicity bounced over, anxious to make a few points with Michelle. Then in a hushed tone, "Felicity, I wouldn't mess with her if I were you."

"Why not?" Felicity looked rather confused.

"Because, she's an upgrade just like you are, but maybe more so." Michelle continued in a hushed tone. "Think those amber eyes, and silver hair are natural?" Looking over at Kami, "The last upgrade I knew like that was Evelyn. Teachers are still talking about how much trouble she was."

Felicity gulped.

Then looking Felicity in the eyes, in even a more hushed tone, "This girl might actually be dangerous."

Felicity thought for a very few seconds then called to here friends, "Let's get out of here."

The other two just glanced at each other then followed Felicity out.

Michelle walked over to Kami, her hair was short blonde and stylish, very different from when they were growing up together.

Kami spoke quietly under her breath, "Looks like I owe you one now."

Michelle responded under her breath, "No, I'm not sure I could pay you back what I owe you in a lifetime." She sighed, "You always took the blame and kept me out of trouble." Then in a slightly more overt tone, "You had better get out of here before there's trouble." Continuing in a much softer tone, "Somebody else might recognize you."

Kami stood up from the table, picked up her bags, and left the coffee shop.

Left on the table something Michelle had only seen high-level execs use, a custom printed paper business card. Michelle would have to make use of it and find out just what her friend's fate was.

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