by Jamie Jeans

All was blue, tangible blue that could be felt, yet not grasped...

A bright light shined overhead, lighting the world of tangible blue...

Voices came from outside, soft sounding through the blue of the world...

All was peaceful, quiet, serene...

There came a large hissing sound and the tangible blue flowed away, drawing a man with it. He was naked, his skin so pale it appeared almost white beneath the harsh bright lights of the steel, painfully clean lab. His shoulder length hair was as black as midnight and hugged his slim muscular body, drenched in the blue liquid.

People in white suits swarmed over him as he tumbled to the steel grated floor, which the blue liquid flowed into, some waving various instruments about while others still helped him up and onto a large, stretched out chair. Everyone chatted lively while a few others jotted down notes and observations on electronic notepads. One man opened his eyes, which were a bright gold, and shined a light into it... he flinched and the man went flying back in a wave of esper power before he crashed against a wall and fell to the floor unconscious.

Almost immediately, everyone backed away from him, crying out in surprise and fear. One woman, identified as Yuki Tokamura by the badge on her lab coat, shouted for quiet and order.

"It could merely be a reflex! Now be quiet!" The look on her face was more then enough to drive the people into silence. Taking a deep breath, she moved away from the group towards the esper smoothly and quickly, coming to a stop a couple of feet in front of him.

He stared her in the eyes, his gaze devoid completely of emotion.

"Do you know who I am?" she asked, her voice that of authority.

"Proffesseour Yuki Tokamura, Chief Scientist of Ishiyama's Replicant Research division," he replied immediately.

"Hmm... what is your designation?"

"Unit LB-00."

"And your name?"


"Good... good... it looks as though the information implants are working well... now, what are you?"

"I am the second series of replicant psychokenitics."

"Excellent... now, you see that man over there? Was it your intention to harm him?" Yuki pointed a finger at the down lab assistant, who was currently being lead out by two of his colleagues.

"No. He shined a light into my eye and my power lashed out."

"Hmm... heightened sensitivity, note that down."

"Yes, mamm," said a rather plump woman dressed in a standard lab suit.

Yuki turned back to give her colleagues an annoyed look. "Well come on... do your jobs! We have much more to study about it before we continue on."

The testing resumed with earnest and Ray laid back down on the table, his gaze expressionless as the testing stretched from minutes slow stretched into hours. There was no indication of what time it was on the wall that he could see and there were no windows that showed the outside either.

But throughout the poking, prodding, and questions, one thought rose to the surface of his mind, a thought in the form of a name...


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