Doctor Tokamura and Kim walked through the maze of bizzare scientific equipment that filled the rooms in the deepest darkest depths of the Ishiyama research facility. Dr. Tokamura walked with a degree of self-assurance that she only had when a demonstration of her scientific genius was immanent. Kim shuffled along behind her, all but tripping over her own feet.

The two of them stopped before a large fluid-filled glass tube. Inside the tube was the naked form of a (very) male human, suspended in the fluid, a breathing mask attached to his face. Aside from the slow rise and fall of his chest, there were no signs of life.

"It's um... nice" Kim said. "Um... what are we looking at?"

"This, Kim, is number Eleven Beta." Dr. Tokamura replied. "This is the second of our esper replicants, created from the same material that we created number Eleven from"

"You mean he's Lilith's kid brother? That's so nice." Kim replied.

"Eleven Beta is an improvement over the previous model" Dr. Tokamura continued, not missing a beat. "Unlike the previous model, Eleven Beta has been designed as a male model. Furthermore, unlike the pale and weak-looking Eleven, this model has been designed to represent the epitome of human development. The marketing department feel that it will improve sales of this model" She paused. "Kim, is it just me or has it gotten hot in here?"

"Um... no" Kim replied.

A pause. "What are you looking at, Kim?"

"Um... my clip board?" Kim replied.

"Well, um yes" Dr. Tokamura regained her composure. "The personality programming is nearly complete. I'm hoping to avoid the mistakes of the previous model. This one will have none of the nagging self-doubt and annoying whininess of the previous model. This one is meant to be self-assured, confident and aware of its duties and role"

"He doesn't sound like a nice person" Kim commented.

"It is not a person. It is a product of this company." Dr. Tokamura replied. She turned and left.

"Well I don't think I like him"

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