R & R

by Jamie Jeans

Ling Ling Li and Marta Nys entered their condominium, trying not to stumble over anything, since the only source of light guiding them the glow from the Hong Kong skyline drifting in through the windows. There was a pause as Marta groped about for the light switch and then bright light engulfed the living room.

From the vantage point in the foyer, which was slightly elevated and enclosed by railings, one could see the dining room to the left and the spacious living room to the right. Beyond that was the kitchen, pantry and laundry room. A long hall ran down to the left, dividing the dining room and kitchen, and linking together the custom-built bath (with hot tub), spare bedroom/office, workout room, and at the far end the master bedroom.

All the rooms were tastefully furnished, mostly with contemporary styles. The living room was no exception, what with synth-leather furniture, glass and steel coffee table, and expansive entertainment center filled with the latest in home electronic.

Ling Ling knelt down in the foyer and undid her boots before strolling into the kitchen. It had been a long night of dealing for her and Marta, with Marta having to put down one potential client-turned-troublemaker when her prices had been too high for the goods he'd requested. The ringing of Marta's guns still echoed in her ears. It hadn't been the first time she had gotten a headache in such a way, and in the dangerous career of a fixer in one of the world's most dangerous cities, she knew it wouldn't be the last.

She heard Marta take off her own boots and pad silently into the kitchen as she opened the fridge and looked inside. "Hmmm... want something to eat, Marta?"

In answer, Marta's hands snaked their way in under Ling Ling's arms, settling in just below the other woman's breasts. Her lips caressed the skin along the side of Ling Ling's neck, sending a tingle through fixer's frame.

"Oh yes," Marta breathed, bringing her hands up to embrace Ling Ling's breasts through the cloth of her cheong-san.

Ling Ling shivered and closed the fridge, turning around in Marta's arms and looking her lover in the eyes. She could see quite plainly the hunger and the desire in them. "Hmm... how about we start with an appetizer first?"

With a sly and seductive grin, Marta took one of Ling Ling's hands and brought a finger to her mouth, sucking lightly on the slim digit and then running her tongue over it before releasing her hand. "But I am..."

Ling Ling smiled in return, enjoying the sensation of her lover's mouth caressing her hand, and began to maneuver the Marta towards the living room and the large leather couch. "Not that..." she said with a trace of difficulty, "We've both had a long, hard night... and a massage is just what is needed to relax us both..."

"A massage sounds great right about now..." Marta sat down on the couch beside Ling Ling and leaned in, kissing the other woman deeply, entwining her tongue with Ling Ling's and moaning deeply through the embrace.

Reaching up, Ling Ling found the zipper to Marta's black body-suit and slid it down as far as it would go before pulling the garment off at the shoulders. Instinctively, Marta broke the kiss and stood, allowing Ling Ling to finish pulling the body-suit and the underlying form-fitting armor off of her. She stepped out of tangle of cloth and ballistic fabric, and waited shivering as Ling Ling ran her hands up the smooth skin of her well-muscled and well-defined body, over the tight curve of her buttocks, and towards the edge of her sports bra. With a flick of her fingers, the bra came off and fell to the floor, followed shortly by a pair of thong panties.

The two kissed again for a few seconds before Ling Ling gently pushed Marta down onto the couch and instructed her to turn over. Doing so, Marta stretched out across the slightly chilly synth-leather, smiling in the knowledge that Ling Ling's hands would soon be dancing about her body, further enhancing the growing desire within them both.

Ling Ling took in the sight of Marta laid out before her as she knelt down beside the couch and rubbed her hands together, warming the cool palms before placing them on Marta's back. "Where should I start?" she mused aloud, running the tips of her fingers down up and down her lover's spine.

"Anywhere..." was the gasped answer.

Marta squirmed beneath her touch, feeling the light touch of fingers make their way over her buttocks and down her legs to the soles of her feet. With expert motions, Ling Ling worked the muscles of the foot, her fingers finding and relieving knot after knot. Marta moaned aloud as relief began to fill her, making her acutely aware of her lover's strong hands tracing their way back up her body.

Coming to a stop at Marta's buttocks, Ling Ling ran her hands over the mounds of flesh, massaging deeply and sending tingles that shot up and down the other woman's spine. All too quickly, Ling Ling's hands left her rear and journeyed up Marta's body, probing at the muscle and flesh for knots that were quickly relieved.

When Ling Ling reached her shoulders, Marta turned about and smiled up at her, arching her back and jutting her chest forward invitingly. Her grin grew bigger when she saw Ling Ling's face flush and she reached up to pull her down.

"Hmm... don't you think my breasts need some massaging too?" she asked in a deepest, husky voice.

"Yes..." Ling Ling breathed, her hands cupping Marta's firm round breasts and caressing them lovingly. Marta closed her eyes and moaned her approval, her own hands sliding acoss Ling Ling's back before coming around to her chest and squeezing firmly.

"I think yours need some too," Marta growled low. She sat up, her mouth hungrily claiming Ling Ling's and thrusting her tongue deep into it. Ling Ling's moan of desire was swallowed up and she played her tongue alongside Marta's, a distant corner of her mind taking note that the other woman's hands were slowly undressing her.

The two sat up, still holding the kiss, making it easier for Marta to unbutton Ling Ling's cheong-san and slide it down to the floor. Her bra fell victim to Marta's hungry hands next, and it dropped away to reveal Ling Ling's large firm breasts in all their glory.

Marta broke the kiss long enough to breath "...lovely..." before she resumed the kiss, her hands fondling Ling Ling's breasts tenderly. Wrapping one arm about her lover, Marta pulled Ling Ling up onto the couch, the pair gasping as their hard-nippled breasts pressed together, the heat of their bodies driving their desire to greater heights.

Gasping for air, Ling Ling ended the kiss and arched her head back as Marta started to nuzzle her neck, her teeth nibbling on the soft flesh while her hands did their best to cup Ling Ling's swaying breasts. "Ohhh, Marta... what... about the massage...?"

Marta stopped nuzzling long enough to say,"It's my turn now," and Ling Ling gasped as she felt her nipples tweaked and harden in response. The tips of Marta's fingers circled the thick shafts of her nipples and spread outward until they encompassed her breasts in light, digging motions. Not to be outdone, Ling Ling stretched her arm down over Marta's flat, well-muscled stomach until she cupped and stoked the tender folds of her sex.

Growling hungrily, Marta knelt her head down and sucked a thumb-thick nipple into her mouth, swirling the tip of her tongue above the swollen shaft and eliciting a cry of delight from Ling Ling. With one hand fondling the other breast, Marta ran her free hand down Ling Ling's stomach and inside the cloth of her partially undone underdress in a mirror of Ling Ling's earlier action.

Ling Ling shivered in anticipation and rubbed her finger over the nub of flesh just above Marta's womanhood, causing the body below her to jerk in pleasant surprise. In return, Marta found the dampening warmth between Ling Ling's legs and caressed it slowly with one finger.

"I... I think-" Ling Ling started, her voice breaking up in-between gasps for air. "-should... ohhh... move this... *gasp* into the... hot tub... ummm..."

Marta did not reply and instead sucked passionately on the nipple in her mouth, causing Ling Ling cry out in pleasure. Pulling away from Marta's hungry mouth, Ling Ling took a deep breath, brought her hands up and cupped Marta's face gently before kissing her deeply. Awkwardly, the two stood, still entangled in each other's arms, and after a few moments fumbling, the rest of Ling Ling's clothing, including her glasses, hit the floor. Now fully nude, the two walked into the bath.

Ling Ling eased herself into the warm bubbling water of the hot tub, and sighed in relief at the feel of the hot water on her naked body. The water came up to her neck as she settled down and back in the seat, resting her head on the lip of the tub. She stretched her arms high above her head and felt warm wet water drip down onto her face, before dunking her head under the water to soak the rest of her waist-length black hair.

With her head under water and a thick mat of glossy-black hair obscuring her eyes, Ling Ling felt Marta's breasts press against her own and warm moist lips caressing her neck. The very water about the two seemed to grow hotter from their combined passion and desire.

Marta slid her hands down Ling Ling's back and cupped her buttocks, giving them a firm squeeze and lifting the taller woman up onto Marta's lap, as though to press the flesh of their sex against each other. Ling Ling gasped as Marta worked her way down from her neck and once again to her breasts. It seemed there was nothing Marta liked better than to suckle on Ling Ling's large, luscious breasts and dark brown nipples.

Gentle kisses mark the from her neck down to the broad valley between her breasts before moving on to the right. Ling Ling's breathing increased in pace when she felt Marta's tongue run a circle about her aureole around the nipple, teasing it as she was though savoring the moment.

Not wanting to leave the other mammary neglected, Marta slid a hand up Ling Ling's body and ran the tip of her finger about the curve of the breast before sliding it over the thick nub of the nipple. Marta smiled as she felt Ling Ling move in response to this, jutting her chest forward, an open invitation for more.

She tweaked the nipple between her thumb and forefinger before she began to massage the breast as best as she could with one hand. Marta closed her mouth over the other nipple and ran her tongue over it. Ling Ling felt a shiver of delight travel up her spine like electricity and she tangled her hands in long strands of Marta's wet hair. The feeling from both of her breasts seemed to radiate throughout her entire body, she swear felt as though she were melting, and could not wait to return the favor to her lover.

As usual, Marta devoted long minutes to pleasuring Ling Ling's breasts, intent on giving Ling Ling as much ecstasy as she could. Occasionally she trapped a swollen nipple between the points of her teeth, tormenting the inch-long shaft with the tip of her tongue, or nibbled on the skin, which prompted Ling Ling to shudder and groan out her name, and switched constantly from one breast to the other. After a while, in which Ling Ling almost reached orgasm from this attention alone, the oriental woman pulled slightly away from Marta, who gave a moan of protest and looked up into Ling Ling's eyes.

"I just want to repay the favor," Ling Ling said, and flashed Marta a knowledgeable smile that, along with her pointed ears, made her seem all the more exotic.

Marta nodded, and Ling Ling climbed off her lap and seated herself in the tub. Drawing Marta down on top of her, Ling Ling kissed her deeply. As Marta parted her lips and Ling Ling darted her tongue in, toying with her lover's, and they drew the heat from each other's mouth in an intimate moment that would have set the water to bubbling if it hadn't been already.

Reluctantly, Ling Ling parted the kiss and the two turned, allowing her to lean Marta against the lip of the hot tub. With one hand wrapped about her lover's waist, Ling Ling trailed her way down Marta's neck to her breasts, sliding her tongue over the taut nipple of one breast even as she cupped the other with her free hand. Marta drew in a shaky breath as Ling Ling suckled on the nipple, working it between her lips expertly even as her hand massaged the other breast lovingly, as though trying to imprint the feel of Marta's body into her own.

Between purrs of content and gasps of air, Marta managed to speak. "I... ohh... think we should move into... hmmm... the bedroom..."

Looking up from her work, Ling Ling nodded and drew Marta into a deep kiss that seemed to drag on forever. Marta drew it on a bit longer, entwining her tongue with Ling Ling's, before getting out of the tub and helping her out. Grabbing the large towel hung on the rack, Marta quickly dried Ling Ling off, starting from the top and working her way down.

Marta licked her lips as she finished drying off Ling Ling's legs and moved in closing, inhaling deeply of the moisture that had already started to spread from Ling Ling's sex. Cupping her buttocks, Marta knelt down and drew the woman closer, running her tongue through the narrow stripe of pubic hair. Ling Ling gasped as Marta caressed her most sensitive of skin, and reached down to tangle her hands in her hair.

"I... ohhh... thought we... we were going to move this... into the bedroom," she managed to speak through gasps for air.

"And we will, we will," Marta replied tongueing her lover further before she stood back up, cupping the pubic mound with one hand and cutting off the moan of pleasure from Ling Ling with a kiss.

Ling Ling could feel her heart beat increasing in anticipation of what was to come, just she could feel Marta's beating in response to her own as they held each other, locked in the amorousness of their kiss.

Still embraced, the two walked into the bedroom, where Ling Ling stretched out across the bed her chest jutting forward. She loved to give of herself to Marta in such a way, as no one else she had eve known pleasured and worshipped her as much as Marta did. It was an unbelievable feeling, one that set the fire of passion within her to burning just thinking of it.

Marta's eyes were bright with wonder and awe as she took in the sight of the woman before her, waiting for her attentions. This wonderful woman was as much hers to have and to hold as Marta was for Ling Ling to have and to hold. No one else seemed to matter except Ling Ling, and Marta was intent on showing the woman how much she meant to her.

Still dripping wet from the hot tub, Marta got down on all fours on the bed and moved towards Ling Ling with a sensual grace most people could only find in the great cats. She crawled up over Ling Ling's body and pressed her body against the other woman's as she pressed her lips against Ling Ling's. They shared a moment of warmth in each other's arms before Marta pulled away and began to move down.

Ling Ling watched her as Marta parted her legs and leaned in close to her sex. Marta inhaled deeply of the stimulating musk before planting a gentle kiss on the Ling Ling's nether lips. Ling Ling moaned and spread her legs further apart, giving her lover better access. Marta took the opening and ran her tongue over the sensitive flesh, feeling Ling Ling shudder in desire for more beneath her. Encouraged, Marta ran her tongue up and down the folds of skin, lapping up the warmth that poured out of it and savoring its taste like a fine wine.

Waves of pleasure washed over Ling Ling as Marta continued to pleasure her, the fire of her desire growing with every caress of Marta's tongue. She tangled her hands in her lover's hair, gently pulling her closer to her. The heat was getting stronger with each passing moment, and Ling Ling was sure that Marta was going to set her afire. She wanted release, craved it, and she wanted the buildup to continue on forever and ever. No one else to bother with, nothing else to do, just the whole world dropping away from them and leaving them in an embrace of passion and sexual delight that continued on for all eternity.

Marta could feel that Ling Ling was getting close to release, and the look on her face struck a chord of hunger within her. She wanted to be with Ling Ling when they fell into the abyss, to feel as she felt.

Stopping momentarily, Marta turned around and placed herself over Ling Ling's body, her legs straddling her lover's head. Puzzled slightly by Marta's stopping, Ling Ling opened her eyes and saw what was above her. Smiling, Ling Ling and reached up with both hands to cup Marta's buttocks and pull her down.

Marta complied and lowered herself, placing her head between Ling Ling's legs and picking up where she left off. This time though, the delight she took in pleasuring Ling Ling was accompanied by Ling Ling's own tongue licking away at the folds of her womanhood. She moaned, long and loud, and pressed her tongue deep into Ling Ling.

Gasping, Ling Ling felt her entire body tingling with pleasure, and moved her tongue into Marta's body. She wanted Marta to be with her every step of the way, and set about bringing her up to speed. Soon, the two were uttering cries of pleasure and each other's names, the heat of their combined desire almost scalding them.

Ling Ling could feel the heartbeat of her lover even as Marta could feel hers, the both of them teetering on the edge of the abyss and looking down into it. Marta moved her tongue in and out of Ling Ling at an ever increasing speed and Ling Ling followed suit. They grunted and gasped for breath as they tried to quell their bodies need for air, still keeping their precarious edge on the thrill of the climb and the raging inferno of bliss that awaited them.

They stay balanced, locked in passion and sexual hunger, for what felt like all of time before they toppled in.

With a flare like that of a sun going nova, the two felt a wave of intense pleasure sweep through their bodies as they continued to thrust their tongues in and out of each other's womanhood. They tried to stay together, to continue to add onto the pleasure they had been engulfed in, but were soon swept away by it.

Ling Ling's long low cry was echoed by Marta's sharper shout of passion before Marta collapsed on top of her. Ling Ling felt exhausted and limp, and was content to simply lay inert under her lover's fairly heavy body. Somehow, Marta gathered up some inner source of strength and rolled off her. Cruelly though, the world they had entered seemed to had left them behind to bask in an afterglow that would have lit the room had it not already been filled by the sun's early morning rays.

Turning about on the bed, breathing deeply for air, Marta crawled up towards Ling Ling and kissed her warmly while wrapping her in her arms. Ling Ling took in the taste of her own sex along with Marta's tongue, and it was finer then anything she had ever tasted in her life.

Marta pulled away, her eyes slightly dazed as she looked into her lover's eyes. She purred, which sent a shiver of expectation fluttering through Ling Ling.

"You... were wonderful," Ling Ling murmured as she pulled Marta close.

"Yeah I was, wasn't I?" Marta said, and winked at her.

Ling Ling laughed lightly and smiled. Marta kissed her deeply and began to nuzzle her neck once more. Ling Ling moaned softly and tiredly, feeling as though she would collapse at any second. "Marta... ohhh... right there...hmmm..."

"You were spectacular, as always," Marta complimented before returning her attentions to Ling Ling's neck, pausing only to quickly suckle a nipple back to an erect point.

"We... ohh... have to get... *gasp* dinner ready soon..." Ling Ling murmured, caught in a state of afterglow and once again growing desire.

"But I am having dinner..."

"You're insatiable..."

"I know..."

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