by Peter John Dean

<How many more do we have to hire today, Nakadai?>

<This one and two more, then we can go home. Boss wants this done quick.>

<Someone lives here? This place is a dump. It's got gang graffiti all over it>

<Louie told boss he just got here and claimed this place from some booster gang. He's supposed to be a real tough cyborg. Figures "takes one to kill one, I guess.">

<Let's just get this over with.>

The one called Bones stood in the corner of the main room. The two gentlemen approached and slowly bowed.

<We have been sent to offer you a job. The pay is very good, but the questions must be kept to a minimum.>

<Understood. What is the job?>

< We need you to retrieve a bag. It is being held by a cyborg that goes by the name of Crusher. When you have it bring it to us. You will be paid upon delivery.>

< Sounds easy enough. What's in the bag?>

< The contents are our boss's secret. Your mission: to recover the bag and deliver it.>


Information transfer received: 5.21.22
Mission objective from head of security to operative 10209.
Primary Mission: Recover Bag. Deliver Bag To Operation Point Gamma. Contents Of Said Bag Are Top Secret.
Secondary Mission Objective: Eliminate Anyone With Knowledge Of Said Bag.

<Eliminate anyone with knowledge of said bag.>

<What? That not what we->

Before the thought could be finished, Bones pulled out the SPAS-15 and opened fire. Both were dead in an instant. Bones lowered the shotgun and just stood on the corner.

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