by Jamie Jeans

The skyline of Neo York is a most impressive skyline to witness, as vast and as majestic a sight to behold as any of the other major cities in the world. However, for the young woman laying down on the rooftop of a skyscrapper, sight seeing was at the bottom on her list of things to do.

She was a fairly athletic looking woman of average height, her well muscled frame accented by the firm fitting jeans and the white t-shirt she wore. The wind blew her messey, shoulder lenght blue hair to one side, causing some to slip in front of her eyes and obscure her vision. Her green eyes narrowed as she fiddled with the scope and brushed the hair of her eyes, focusing the lens until she had a perfect view. Alongside her was an old worn leather coat and a pair of dark sunglasses as well as an extra clip of ammo.

The sniper rifle was an older model with some new features, including an under the barrel grenade launcher equipped with self propelled grenades. The rifle itself could fire in either single shot or rapid fire modes whereas the grenade launcher had only the single shot option. The rifle also contained a built in silencer, which had saved the youg woman time before in setting up and, hopefully, would continue to do so.

Currently, the rifle was aimed at a small office located on the corner of large skyscraper, where a man, according to her information, roughly in his thirties was sitting down and starting work.

"Yeah... that's right... get to work in your little coffin there," Karin Nys, Amateur Assasin said. "One little bullet and five thousand creds are mine..."

Her finger rested over the trigger as she focused in on the man, the X of the scope settling on his head. She smiled in anticipation of the kill, but it was not a blood thirsty grin, it was one of happ anticipation of her future. With this kill, she would make her mark in the field of assasins, proving to everyone that she was a silent, deadly killer who always got her target, no matter what the-


Karin blinked. "Kaboom? Kaboom? What the hell..." She focused in on where the target had been, not realizing that she had pulled the trigger while daydreaming.

Where a small and quaint corner office had once been, there was now a large gapping hole of flaming, smoking wreckage. Twisted metal and burning wood stuck out like a bare skeleton. Worst yet, the damage had not been contained to the one office, and she could see a fire beginning to rage in the surronding offices. Also, much of the glass of the skyscrapper had been shattered by the shockwave of the explosion.

Confusion lasted for a moment before clear realization struck and she looked down, seeing her finger over the trigger for the grenade launcher, rather then the rifle itself.

"Oh hell... dammit! I'll be lucky to get even PART of the money for this hit now!" she shouted, standing up and packing her stuff quickly. With such a public explosion, the authorities would soon be here and she didn't feel like being around when they arrived.

"If this happens one more time..." she muttered as she quickly left the rooftop.

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