by Michael Surbrook

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FROM: WHOA! (NA/UNA/NY—--- --- don't you wish you knew?)

Wake up chummers! I have news and it is nova hot!!!

Brace yourselves 'cause here's the straight dope, straight from the top data jockys on the Rim!

The Empress is coming to town.

This ain't not drek, this ain't no rave, this ain't no foolin' around. This is chip-straight truth, chummers. The big, bad, bodacious Empress is coming to the Big Apple, and if that don't make you sweat then I don't know what will (expect a maybe a private show with the Puma Sisters).

And before you really panic, this info comes from a sub-orbital reservation she made in MT. Which left MT about 15 minutes ago! She's going to be here in two fraggin' hours omae! You better get your ass in gear, it's show time!

Of course, you'll are wondering why she's coming here? Well, that'll cost you extra, but Whoa! thinks some corp wants to talk to her about the Chaos problem. Not that he thinks she's stupid enough to go slug it out with Ran again, but you never know what the corps want.

Well, you all know where to reach me, and if you don't what the hell are you doing in this chatroom?


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