By Loan Darklighter

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FROM: ASAGIRI (PR/JAP/MT—--- --- Asagiri)

To those who might be interested. You know who you are. ;)

> Three days of high technology, including the latest in cybernetics,
> cyborg hardware and cyberdroids. See new vehicles (both ground and air),
> new synthetics and new computers. See and be seen! Hobnob with the rich,
> famous, rich and famous and those that wish they were rich and/or famous.
> Only 1500 nuyen for the three days, rooms extra, register now. Valid SIN
> needed, no synthetics allowed without authorization.

What kind of drek is this? 1500 nuyen? Why at that price, the only people who could afford it would be the Jinsei Execs themselves and their 'special guests'. And a Valid SIN? What's that? EEEENNTT!! Wrong answer!"

Well chummer, it's probably gonna be a great show anyway, even if it's going have a lot of incredibly DULL people there in suits who don't really grok all the gear, bots and sim like we do. But you know what? I bet you could change all that, couldn't you? I mean, why should high Corp mucky mucks get all the fun? Think you could make things... interesting... for the dull monkey suit types? ^_^

If you're the type of on the edge chummer who's really interested in going to the Jinsei Expo and improving the "interesting" quotient of people in the aisles with your own bad selves, drop on by temporary chat room ASAGIRI at node 453.45.234.824. I'll be there to negotiate some passes this afternoon beginning at 3:00 PM local Neo York time. Duration depends on security. I guarantee Jinsei will take minimum of 15 minutes to react—if they hear about it, which they won't. Be there early just in case so we can switch nodes on the fly! We can talk and work something out as far as pricing or favors go.


"If you hack the Vatican Server have you tampered in God's Domain?" -AA


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