Chatroom Rumors

by Michael Surbrook

[server] Welcome to ShadowNet - leave your ICE at the door
[server] Your host is (home of the Kishin Corp)
Connecting to 9999
Waiting for server to respond
[client] You're in!
[client] you are in room "#PKChat"
[server] Current Users: like we'd tell you?
[server] date: 15/2/2031
<HyMkr> What's this I hear about there being 3 Nys sisters?
<TJ> There aren't, trust me.
<HyMkr> Then who the frag is Nys #3?
<TJ> Some no-name. She's supposed to be some assassin from up north.
<Asagiri> Her name is Karin Nys, she's from British Columbia. Word is, she's not very experienced.
<Carnifex>Word is she's a screw up. Use her only if you don't care if they have to recover the target with a mop.
<Akira> What does this have to do with espers?
<TJ> Not a fraggin thing.
<Akira> Then can we get back to discussing the Empress?
<Ylper> There are more PKs out there than just her, y'know.
<Akira> Yeah, but almost none of them are freelance, and besides, she's doing some weird fraggin shit right now.
<Ylper> She has a new contract, deal.
<HyMkr> Yeah, but this isn't her usual contract. She's not doing any B&E, or Corp spying or acting as a bodyguard... she's working with some *other* PK. What's up with that?
<TJ> Training I hear.
<Akira> Training?
<Red_5> Training. The Empress of Power is working with ST's new pet PK. Showing her the the telekinetic ropes as they say.
<Ylper> They don't say that.
<AgentOrange> speaking of new PKs I hear that nova-hot singer outta Califronia is a PK. y'know, Nightingale?
<Asagiri> She is not. 1 - she's from Tokyo. 2 - she is not a PK, scans show no sign of enhanced parapyschological alphawave generation. 3 - There is *no* proof her parents possessed latent PK abilites.
<Agent_Orange> like you would know.
<Carnifex> Orange, I suggest you shut up before someone runs a trace and kicks your tail outta the Matrix and makes your worthless life even more miserable. If Asagiri don't know it, it ain't a fact.
<Agent_Orange> ...
<TJ> Annnyway... Shion is supposed to be training this girl Falcon to work as a Corp solo.
<Red_5> Raven.
<TJ> Pardon?
<Red_5> The woman's name is Raven.
<Asagiri> Here's a link to her picture.
<HyMkr> O_O Gah! What a hottie!
<Akira> What is it with these PKs? Is it genetic that they all look like this?
<Agent_Orange> where do you get this stuff?
<Asagiri> I have Mad Matrix Skillz. Ph13r.
<Red_5> Yes, this is Raven's picture. She was recently seen talking to NT in MT.
<TJ> And the Empress was there.
<Akira> ??? I thought Shion was in NY?
<Carnifex> Teleportation, the only way to travel.
<Akira> What was she doing in MT?
<Red_5> Talking to NT.
<Asagiri> And NT has some Raven data for sale, if you got the nuyen.
<Akira> I see.
<TJ> Typical.
<Carnifex> And it gets better. Marta's coming to NY.
<Agent_Orange> how do *you* know this?
<Carnifex> I have Mad Matrix Skillz. Ph13r.
<HyMkr> Ph13r wai. ^_^
<Agent_Orange> isn't Shion's sister supposed to be a babe?
<HyMaker> Major babe. :P
<Agent_Orange> hotter than Teela?
<HyMaker> Maybe. Depends on what you like.
<Carnifex> Marta Nys is - as they say - 'ripped'. She's very well defined and possibly the fastest cybered person around.
<Red_5> There are some faster.
<Carnifex> Yes, but most of them are useless most of the time. Marta is perfectly tuned and toned. I've worked with her, she can go through corp sec like no one else.
<Red_5> So, why is she coming to NY?
<Asagiri> That I don't know.
<HyMaker> Wonderful.

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