by Peter John Dean

The mission was a typical one for him. For most small black ops teams, it would have been considered a suicide mission, but not for him. If he didn't survive, that was fine by the company. He'd made up for his cost several missions ago, and who else would go into a chemical weapons manufacturing plant and destroy it? No one. That's why they sent him.

At precisely 0400 he was deployed to the hot zone. Dropped off 1.5 kilometers west of the complex, he was to make his way into the complex and destroy everything there. Within an hour, the complex lay ruins. Except for the fires that still burned, there was little movement in the camp. Two of the four buildings were nothing but rubble.

After finishing his mission, he had moved a kilometer east of the camp. There he stood, like a large metal statue, waiting for his retrieval.


Systems Analyses: Communications System Off Line. Data Jack Off Line. All Other Systems Operational. All Demolitions Devices Deployed. Antipersonnel Equipment Operational. Ammunition Low. Time 0530.15. Rendezvous In Exactly 34.75 Minutes 1.08 Kilometers Northeast Of Current Location At Which Time The Unit Will Be Returned To The Tank.

<Not the tank. I can't go back there. Each time I go in they keep me longer. I'll never be real in there>

Mission Objectives Changed. New Rendezvous Point Location 40 Degrees North Latitude 78 Degrees West Longitude <Yes. Neo York. Home. > Home.

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