The Bradbury Hotel

93 Underground

Located in the Entertainment District, 93 Underground is the Zone nightclub. Hooked up the the power grid, the Underground features working lights, running water, heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. The place to go to see people, it is one of the few places in the Zone really popular with people from Neo York. Famous Underground acts include Dawn and her band, as well as strip shows by the Zone-famous Puma sisters.

9-Tails Towing

Not a place per se, 9-Tails Towing is owned and operated by Ayane and André, using their (incredibly noisy) steam-powered truck. They will haul most anything in the Zone to anywhere in the Zone. Getting shot at costs extra.

The Android's Dungeon
A comic book store, located not to far from one of the Zone borders, where the rent was cheap. Deals in comics and grossly over-priced collectables. The odd, rare gem can be found here if that's your sort of thing, probably at a horribly jacked-up price. Some corp people with odd hobbies have been occasionally spotted here.

Bell's Motors

This is a garage located to the north of the Entertainment District. Is is home to Bell and Ken, although André and Ayane spend a lot of time there as well. Bell's Motors is located in between several gangs, and is considered neutral ground, as this is where numerous gangs go to get their bikes repaired and rebuilt. Thus, anyone harassing Ken and Bell will have to answer to one or more gangs—usually all at the same time.

Bell's is a fairly large place, built up around an existing automotive service center. There is a chainlink fence (cobbled together from scavenged parts) surrounding the place, with coils of razor wire around the top (well, mostly). Inside the fence is the garage proper, a large garden, and a housetrailer that serves as Ken and Bell's home. Power is provided by a windmill, solar panels, and a hydrogen fuel cell. Aside from automotive service, Bell's also doubles as a part-time lunch counter, as Bell herself tends the garden, and raises chickens, pigs, and rabbits.

Bob's Garage

A car strip-shop in the zone. Basically little more than an automotive abattoir, cars that go into this place are stripped for what can be used or re-sold, then abandoned. If you want to get rid of it fast and no questions asked, this is the place.

Church Row

Set between Bartertown and Zone City, Church Row is a small series of streets notable only for the large number of churches that had been built within no more that a block of each other. Over time it has become the defacto town center of the Zone. It is the one place where gangers and troublemakers aren't welcome and children are.

Clark Street

This is a not-so-typical neighborhood somewhere on the hazy border between Zone City and Bartertown. The place is mostly comprised of closely packed-together old apartment buildings with the lower floors being former shops. There are quite a few merchants in the area, but it is notable mostly because Lydia, one of the Zone's scant few medical doctors, lives here.

The area is the turf of the Clark Street Devils, a street gang of unusual nature. It survives largely through a protection racket that involves real protection, the sale of light drugs, and "tolling" certain visitors to the turf; this mellow attitude seems due in great part to the presence of the doctor, Lydia. They are far less violent than the average gang, yet remain ruthless and very vicious when they have cause to fight. They are led by a tall man called "the Boss", who is apparently a remarkable tactician. The gang knows the neighborhood very well, and the area's buildings are honeycombed with passages allowing them to reach any point in the territory safely.

For a time, the gang and the area were deeply influenced by the presence of a crippled telekinetic, who kept both the gang and the residents in line. Despite the recent absence of this PK, the gang has held on to its turf surprisingly easily, thanks to good planning, intimate knowledge of the terrain, and the friendly attitude of the residents.

Club Purple Haze

A jazz club in Neo York, trademarked by its dark purple smoke generators and matching decor (normally green upholstery and purple tables but it varies from time to time). Live music is common but not ubiquitous and if it is live, it's always jazz. It's clientele is small but dedicated and although they are small in number their capital and influence keep the bar alive.

The Darkside Lounge

A bar in the Entertainment District, catering to corporate executives who want to enter the Zone but not to sacrifice luxury. The air is filtered, the tables and chairs are designed to look crude but are in fact mass-produced, and the liquor and food are all imported from Neo York proper. Introduced in "DITL 6—Memories"

DF Productions Acrology. [A Korey Winters perspective.]

Like all arcologies, the first few ground levels were shopping malls that were open to the mall, and it was a job for the espionage expert to make her way through the crowds that drifted through the mall like so many packs of fish. As she made her way through the mall, she spotted a Cheers pub, logo included. Across from that, she spotted the restaurant from Hudson Hawk and one beside that named "Mos Eisley." Slowing down, she took a more careful look of the names and discovered that a good many of them, and those with logo's, were from vids and movies that had no small amount of notoriety.

The Dixie Patrol

Excerpt from Dr. Snakeye's journal:

"Fort Dixie lies on the east end of Zone Central, one of the last organized neighborhoods before one emerges into the Wastes. Like a number of neighborhoods in this area, it is protected by an organization which more closely resembles a private police force than a gang. The Dixie Patrol was founded by a group of Confederate soldiers during the Second Civil War, who escaped from a POW camp in upstate New York and opted to flee to the Zone rather than try and make their way back to Confederate States. The NYPD refused to go after them, and the war was over before the army got around to it. The veterans still run the complex, and form the backbone of its defenses. The ones I've met are all heavily cybered, and I'm prepared to believe the rumors that they were part of a CSA special ops unit.

"The neighborhood itself earned the name "Fort" from the Patrol's defensive strategy. When the CSA soldiers first reached the Zone, frequent raids by Go Gangs convinced them they needed more than just good armaments to keep their neighborhood secure. In a raid which has since become a legend they crossed into Neo York by boat and stole two bulldozers and some construction explosives. They ferried it all back to the Zone, then proceeded to redesign the district. First, they evicted people from indefensible buildings, then demolished them. Then they used the bulldozers to move the debris all over their territory, turning the streets into obstacle courses which could not be navigated by vehicles moving at more than a snail's pace. Finally, they fortified elevated positions to allow them to shoot at the cyclists as they made their way through the maze of debris, and carefully arranged their defenses to permit easy withdrawals inward. The result, while hardly impregnable, forces invaders to fight a slow, house-to-house struggle rather than the quick hit-and-run raid which is the go gang trademark elsewhere within the Zone."

The East Coast Hole

A data-trading center located on a server somewhere on the East Coast of the UNA. It looks like a gigantic chrome golfball from the outside, and is filled with virtual conference rooms.

The Edge of Night

Blandly glitzy, tamely dangerous-looking, the Edge of Night is a Zone nightclub only in the most technical of terms. The club lies right across the street from the checkpoint back into Neo York, and it is well-policed by hired guards. The Edge of Night caters to the people who want the edgy sense of danger that comes from the Zone, but do not want to risk their safety.

The Edge of Night is a gigantic exercise in fakery. It's run mostly like one of those nightclubs in downtown Neo York club that affect a special theme; the theme just happens to be the Zero Zone. As a result, its atmosphere resembles little of a genuine Zone club, and more like what they look on the trid. That's exactly what its clientele wants, of course, so it is making a brisk business. Every night, it is packed with Cits dressed like Zoners (or how they think Zoners dress); few Zero Zone inhabitants could manage to be let in It does manage to attract fairly popular acts for its live-band nights, including some that would never play elsewhere in the Zone, so some of the more respectable Zoners do occasionally visit.

"Family Hotel"

A Mafia-run hotel in the Entertainment District, catering to corpers seeking to spend time overnight in the Zone. Prices are expensive, but the amenities are good and the facility is safe. Introduced in "Dr. Snakeye's Journal"

The Gold Spike

A casino in the Entertainment District. Introduced in "Dr. Snakeye's Journal" and "The Ties that Bind I."

House of Sergio

A classical (but run down from age) building that houses one of the finest collection of designer clothes in Neo York. Located in one of the older sections of town, it is frequented by people who want to have the best but don't want it known they did the shopping, or who they were shopping for - if given the right "tip", the store never even had the clothes that the corper bought for his "girlfriend". (Introduced in Second Nature, Chapter 2)

Louie's Bar & Grill

Louie's Bar & Grill is located just south of Zone City, nestled between two dilapidated brownstone apartment buildings. It is very unprepossessing from the outside, essentially a storefront with a steel-shuttered window and a small washed-out sign tacked over the door.

Inside, it has surprisingly kept a lot of the small neighborhood bar atmosphere from its pre-Zone existence. The front room is narrow, with the bar running down the right side and tables and booths scattered on the left. The lighting is dim, mostly single lamps hanging from the ceiling; somewhere, a small generator coughs and struggles to keep running, causing the lights to flicker slightly.

A small kitchen is assumed to exist behind the bar; at least, that's where you order your food from. A bartender stands guard, usually wiping the counter or a glass. There are two doors on the far wall. One leads to a small room (available for "private parties") and the other leads to the restrooms (enter at your own risk).

Louie's is never crowded; there are no bands, not even a jukebox. There is no pool table or dartboard to take up space or distract from the business at hand. And business is what goes on at Louie's. This is where you meet a contact or settle a deal. Or, if you need something, you can talk to the man himself.

If you ask the bartender for Louie, he will take your measure then, if you pass the eyeball test, direct you either to a booth in the back or to the back room.

Louie is a beefy man, dark-haired with a tired-looking face and a scratchy voice. Don't try to impress or intimidate him; he's seen it all.

The Pit

The Pit is a club for some of the worst of the worst in the zero zone. Situated on the edge of the wastelands, the club is built inside a ramshackle warehouse, held up by nothing more than bad intentions. The interior is hollowed out and mostly dance floor, with a number of stages and a long bar on one side. The place is dark, with most of the light coming from old strobe lights rigged up in the rafters. A number of noisy generators power the place, pumping noxious fumes into the bar itself. Regulars say this only adds to its atmosphere.

Generally only the worst can be found in the Pit. It's a home of drug deals, prostitution, slavery and other vices. The stages are usually occupied with amateur bands cranking out loud and grating music, semi-naked dancers or even the occasional staged fight - often with a bloody conclusion. The bar serves all manner of drinks, mostly bootleg or stolen - drink at your own risk. A few tables line the walls for those seeking a semblance of privacy, although an escape from the noise is impossible.

The Tombs

A mercantile center dealing in organs and recycled cybernetics. Described in "Day in the Life 3".

WFZZ (Radio Free Zero Zone)

A.K.A. "the Fizz", WFZZ operates out of an old (and heavily modified) Greyhound bus. The radio station broadcasts to the Zero Zone (mostly), and is on the air just about 24 hours a day. They have no set schedule, and most of the programming is based on the whim of the DJs. Music, new reports, the weather, and rants are all mixed together to create an highly eclectic radio show. Naturally, the station is fairly popular.

The Vat

This squalid bar is run and staffed by synthetics for synthetics. Located on the fringe of Darkside in the basement of an abandoned rowhouse, it is not very big, but popular among the Zone's small replicant population. It is recommended that non-replicants give the area a wide berth. The bar is secretly owned by Sylvie with help from Gordon.

Village Vanguard (Introduced in Enter: Simon Heller)

Based on the (real world) nightclub of the same name, the Vanguard has been a fixture in Greenwich Village since the 1930s. Still managed today by the seemingly ageless Lorraine Gordon, the Village Vanguard continues to be the world's top jazz venue. See http://www.villagevanguard.net for more info.

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