Gangs in Neo York come in three basic groups: Boostergangs, Go-gangs, and Thrillgangs.

Boostergangs : So named because of their extensive cyberware and physical augmentation, boostergangs are found in the 'Zone, Jersey City and Newark. They usually consist of 6 - 12 members, well equipped with enhanced strength, wired reflexes, hand razors or spurs, augmented eyes and dermal plating. Boostergangs usually hire themselves out as 'muscle' for other gangs, act as mercenaries for various criminal organizations or even commit certain jobs for corporations that wish to avoid getting their hands dirty.

Go-gangs : These gangs consist of groups of 50 to 100 individuals (male and female) on motorcycles (and assorted other vehicles) who claim various stretches of highway as their 'own'. Go-gangs are notorious for being extremely violent and seem to revel in acts of wanton destruction. Aside from simple smash-and-grab crimes, go-gangs often have ties to organized crime groups, dealing in drugs, extortion and prostitution. The NYPD usually combats go-gangs with K-12 LandMates.

Thrillgangs : Also known as Thrillers, or Thrillergangs, these are simply pedestrian versions of the go-gangs. A thrillgang usually numbers 20 persons, divided into four basic groups: Warriors, Pounders, Thieves and Breeders. Cyberware is common among thrillgangs and usually found in Warriors and Pounders. Thrillgangs engage in extensive prostitution, drug dealing and 'protection' rackets. Thrillgangs are found throughout the 'Zone, northern Neo York, Yonkers, Jersey City and Bayonne.

A subdivision of the thrillgang is known as a Wiz or Wizzergang. A Wizgang is noted for having a leader (or a significant membership) with psychokinetic powers. These gangs are quite rare and often try to keep a relatively low profile (this is because Ran has a tendency to challenge such gangs to see if they really are as tough as they say are).

Specific Gangs:

Zone gang, rivals of the Shivs. Introduced in "DITL 8—Stanley Kubrick Film Festival"

Clark Street Devils

Frankenstein Club
Booster gang led by Randall. Their base is an abandoned hotel in the Zero Zone. Introduced in "DITL 8—Stanley Kubrick Film Festival"

Zone gang, rivals of the Cannibals. Introduced in "DITL 8—Stanley Kubrick Film Festival"

The Warriors
A Zone gang known to operate near Darkside.

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