ANNAPUMA AND UNIPUNA (a.k.a. the Puma Sisters or Puma Twins).

Story: It is a rumor that Anna and Uni are supposed to be the prototypes for the entire line of Puma Class Security Synthetics prduced by Mitsumi Technologies. At some point they escaped (or... were released) and made their way to the Neo York Zero Zone, where they make their living as exotic dancers and gun-happy mercenaries. They are noted for being very violent when completing a mission, and are usually hired for jobs where property destruction isn't a concern. It should be noted that the production model Puma is no where near as physically powerful as either of the Puma Sisters. The two are well-known throughout the Zone, and normally dance at 93 Undergound, although they have appeared at other Zone nightclubs and stripjoints. Gangs often try to hire them to help assult other gangs, and in some ways they are almost the Zone's idea of a mascot.

Description: The Puma Sisters are very tall, standing 6'3" and weighing close to 180 pounds apiece. They have very well-muscled frames with equally well-proportioned figures. Their hair is an incredibly thick mane that falls down to their waists. Normally their hair is a dirty blonde color, but they have been known to dye it. Telling them apart is nigh impossible. The sisters tend to dress in what ever they can find, although they have a noted preference for form-fitting (and revealing) outfits. When engaged in actual combat, they dress in matching suits of CBA specifically tailored to their height.


Story: Lester Gordon's beloved escort synthetic that he refused to abandon in the middle of an extraction.


Story: A modified Mitsumi Lynx with golden eyes and black hair, Ayane has lost the ears associated with this model of replicant and gained nine fox-like tails. Apparently someone wanted a kitsune [Japanese fox-spirit] to use as a plaything and/or escort. Ayane has scant memories of her life before the Neo York Zero Zone, but thinks she was abandoned here by a sympathetic corper after being slated for termination once her previous owner's interest ran out.

Currently, she works with André, who dotes on her constantly. The two are very much in love, and quite happy with each other, even if their lifestyle isn't the best. Ayane also provided the name for their company, "9-Tails Towing."


Story: Puma who belonged to Terry. Ended up lost in the Zone and working as a waitress at the "Edge of Night."


Story: A female replicant, full-time assistant to Mr. Sanato. Catherine is perfectly groomed, dresses professionally, and is attractive in a self-effacing way. She says little, and usually moves to meet Mr. Sanato's needs before they are spoken. Introduced in A Shell for a Ghost III.


Story: A domestic-model escort synthetic, Duncan has long blond hair, blue eyes, perfect teeth, and perfectly tanned and perfectly muscled body. He was given to Raven to keep her happy during her confinment at the hands of the Shiroko-Tsuhi Corporation.


Story: Hogan is a Nexus 6 replicant who makes his living as a street sam in Sydney, Australia. His few friends are very important to him, and he will stand by them however he can. Shoko is one of his friends.

Description: Hogan is short for a Nexus model, standing an even six feet tall. He has a muscular build and lean, craggy face, with soft blue eyes and black hair worn in a buzz-cut.


Story: A male escort synthetic, he also happened to be Raven's first lover.


Story: Works at the Heartbreak Hotel inthe Neo York Zero Zone. About 5'4", she has Asian features, with navy blue hair and eyes. She's a synthetic, and a pleasure model. Doris took her in after she was abandoned by her owner, a coprorate executive. She's one of the more popular girls, mainly due to the soothing effect she seems to have on people. She is very kind and friendly to everyone she meets, but she seems to have a particular attachment to Rev.


Story: A female replicant, she is a member of Mr. Sanato's staff. She is seemingly identical to Catherine in all respects.


Story: Mil is a Puma owned by one of HariChem's executives. Aside from providing security to her owner and his family, Mil also acts as a contact for Zone inhabitants who are looking for work with HariChem. She's a no-nonsense type of person, and a fairly good judge of character.

Description: Mil stands at about 6'3", and has long black hair. She is usually dressed in dark, formfitting pantsuits.


Description (Pumas): All Pumas are tall (over 6'), and well-proportioned.

Description (Lynxes): Lang-Lang, Ling-Ling, Rin: These three have been mentioned. Rin has black hair.


Story: A purple-haired Lynx with a torn left ear and left arm that was severed at the elbow some time ago. She works at The Vat as a waitress.


Story: Roy is a Tyrell Nexus 5 replicant, a combat model. He is tall, standing about 6'6", with a well-muscled body, and white-blond hair. His speed is no longer what is once was, although he has a few years left before he dies.


Story: Shion-hime [lit. "Princess Shion"] is a modified, custom Puma. She stands a full 6' 6" with a long white mane that falls to the floor, and tall, tapering cat's ears. Her figure, face and voice are virtually identical to that of Shion Nys, although her gray eyes lack the coldness of the world-renowned esper weapon (and her breasts are far larger). Shion-hime does not have any psychokinetic powers herself.

Shion-hime was apparently a custom order William Case (see). She can occasionally be seen on the upper floors, in the executive offices. Her clothing is usually a finely tailored business "skirt-suit" although with a fairly short skirt. Personality-wise, Shion-hime is soft-spoken and polite, with regal manners and an impeccable grasp of proper behavior.

Currently, Shion-hime is owned by Raven Clark and lives with her.


Story: A Jinsei 3-3-S Escort Synthetic, Sylvie looks exactly liked you'd expect: fantastically beautiful and leggy, with a perfect face and figure. She has gray hair and eyes, and is the head waitress at 93 Underground (and occasional security). She doesn't dance, sing, or take customers home. In fact, she is Gordon's partner in keeping the bar running. She also owns The Vat, running it from behind the scenes. There is some speculation that she is romantically involved with Gordon.

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