Story: A young boy with silver hair and bright blue eyes. He mistook Shion Nys for Magical Empress Sonnet.


Story: Asagiri is her callsign. It might be her real name, but odds are that it isn't. Not as many people have heard of Asagiri as they might have otherwise because nobody has ever "met" her at all except in Cyberspace. This is the way she likes it apparently. Her net persona icon is a very finely detailed and seemingly real world accurate view of a young woman about 20 years old, with beautiful Eurasian features and finely toned figure, her shoulder length black hair is styled casually or in a loose pageboy cut. Clad in a bodysuit with the almost mandatory leather jacket, boots, and fingerless leather gloves look. Her eyes seem to be the only affectation she has, being a dark amber in color. She seems to update her persona icon every so often, making an effort to have as detailed and realistic a representation of herself as possible. There is nothing wild or unrealistic about the way she appears in cyberspace. But a lot of work went into this. And other netrunners who have met her appreciate her icon for what it is—a work of fine craftsmanship rather than ostentatiousness. Effective in the right circles in garnering appreciation even if she doesn't tend to "stand out". Oddly enough, for such a finely detailed persona, no one can recall ever seeing her anywhere in "realspace". No records exist that have a photograph match of her, mundane or not.

She's been known to do the standard netrunner jobs. Word is that she's done a fair amount of corporate netdives and database raids. She's seems to be very good, in a low key way. And she is smart enough not to brag anywhere about what she has done. But she does "advertise". There are ways to get in contact with her. Phone numbers to call. Chat rooms that she sometimes frequents. But you had better have a terminal of your own. Because she does not make "real world" meetings. Ever. If you can't get in contact with her or meet her via cyberspace, you can't contact her. Period. No one is quite sure where in "the real world" she is operating from. One netrunner as a practical joke tried to trace her from a chatroom she was in, and found her signal bouncing from communications satellites and earth multiple times back and forth with the signal coming simultaneously from Neo York, Mega-Tokyo, Sydney, London, Oahu, and Manila. Asagiri caught on before he could start narrowing it down and bounced him off the node before logging off herself.

She does netdives into Corporate databases mostly, although if she thinks the job is legit and worth doing, she'll raid a personal database. She seems to have a personal code of ethics, but has never told anyone outright what it is completely. But it does influence who she'll work for and who she won't. It's worth noting that she has never taken a job for Jinsei. Nobody knows if she has ever made a run on a milspec database, and she won't say.

Her services come with high credit amounts, paid to a numbered Indonesian bank account. She'll also do net research on her own and sometimes offers tidbits for free in chat rooms if she feels like it. A lesser known service she'll sometimes provide if she trusts you is that she'll also do work on a favor trade basis. That is, she will do the work as a favor for you, and, if you don't have the means to pay outright, in the future, you will owe her a favor of an unspecified nature. It will never be beyond your means to return any favor she asks, but you had better return the favor no questions asked when she asks for it, or bad things will happen (spiked credit ratings being the least she has threatened to do, and working up from there to releasing "the skeletons in the closet, so to speak)

Asagiri has a protective streak towards some people, friends and fellow hackers. An attempt at a net trace and crackdown on a fellow netrunner who is a friend of hers might suddenly start getting "interference," if she is notified of it, or notices on her own.


Story: Two men who live and work in the International Lunar Station.


Story: Captain of the oceangoing freighter Victoria Star, a container ship that runs between Australia, New Zealand, and the North American East Coast via the Panama Canal. He is a morbidly obese man with a severely receding hairline. His personal hygiene is somewhat lacking, a problem aggravated by the fact that the least physical exertion leaves him sweating profusely. He can be bribed to smuggle illicit cargo, including people.

CHATROOM INHABITANTS: Story: AgentOrange, Akira, Carnifex, HyMkr, Li_Ping, Red_5, StoneColdKillah, TJ, Ylper—These people have been known to frequent the PK chat channel.


Story: A Jamaican former security guard with Avatar Designs. A decent man, but under-trained for his job. He was away from the Avatar compound when Mitsumi attacked, and assisted Paolo Zanabria's escape. Current whereabouts unknown. Introduced in Falling from Grace I


Story: Originally a biochemist working for Avatar Designs, he helped design and test the prototypes for their new Fox-class Security Synthetic. When Mitsumi assaulted the AD compound, he fled with Shoko, one of the Fox prototypes, to Sydney, Australia. Two years later, he was accidentally killed in a firefight during a botched raid by a team of Mitsumi operatives.


Story: A slaver, apparently dealing in the import of women from poor regions of the world and their sale in the UNA. He is known to make cosmetic modifications to meet buyers' specifications. Introduced in Dr. Snakeye's Journal.


Story: The arch-nemesis of Supreme Senshi Starfighter Andromeda, Cygnus X-1 wears green trousers, a gray tunic, and dark green cape with a silver helmet. If you couldn't tell by that description, he's an old cartoon character.


Story: Want to steal a competitor's data, but the system with the desired information is behind effectively impenetrable ICE? Or, alternatively, they've gone to the extreme measure of not hooking their computers to the net at all? Or perhaps you're in a war with someone, and want to mess with your adversary's C&C systems. Who do you call?

Grey Wire is an elite and specialized mercenary guild. Their special expertise lies in inserting a combat-trained netrunner into a targeted site. They are expensive, but can be worth hiring if one wants to take advantage of a site whose external network security is far tighter than their physical security. There are other similarly specialized guilds, but Grey Wire is one of the two best in this area (the other being the Icebreakers).

The guild is very well armed and equipped. Included among the guild's properties are a cargo plane to get from site to site, and an assault helicopter used to get the group into an operation area. The guild's base is in northern Africa.

Contacting the guild is not difficult; a bit of research will produce a net-based contact. As one might expect, once a dialogue is established, communications with the guild are both highly secure and difficult to trace.

Grey Wire usually has about a dozen soldiers (all of whom are elite veterans), and a few support personnel. Known members include:


Story: Once a corporate mechanic, Johnny Carstairs was fired for insubordination; his laid-back attitude and tinker's temperament were at odds with his supervisor's insistence on procedure. In time he found himself in the Zero Zone, setting up shop on Clark Street, fixing the gang's bikes in exchange for protection, and the Zoners' various contraptions for money. The psychokinetic Raven Clark lived above his shop, occasionally helping him, and the two developed a strong friendship.

He got lucky, however, when Raven's corporate minders noticed him and he was offered a job as a vehicle technician at the Shiroko-Tsuhi arcology. His new supervisor, much like his old one, often reprimands him for jury-rigging problems and for his lack of cleanliness, but so far his job seems secure.

Johnny's happy about his situation, mostly because he's not terribly bright; he does not realize his cushy job puts him within reach of S-T, where the corporation is able to use him as leverage against Raven.

Johnny is an honest, uncomplicated man whose greatest joy is to build and repair stuff; his personal project is an old, vintage 1990 Corvette that's missing about half its parts, and most of the rest is rusty. Johnny has sworn he'd get it back in shape, but he is making little visible progress even now that he has a steady income.

Description: Johnny is short and slightly overweight; he keeps his hair and beard cropped close, more because they'd snag into gears than because of any desire for cleanliness. He's usually wearing grease-stained coveralls, and is rarely much cleaner.


Story: A fixer operating out of Sydney, Australia.


Story: A Rastafarian fence in Jamaica. Introduced in Falling from Grace I.


Story: A vid-character who bears a remarkable resemblance to Shion Nys. Sonnet is a tall, white-haired woman with long legs, an excellent figure, and white-feathered wings. For a weapon, she carries an ornate spear/glaive, and has impressive (albeit plot-driven) magical powers.


Story: The Steel Commandos pride themselves as being an elite unit of powersuited mercenaries that can and will, accomplish any mission given them, regardless of the objective. Noted for ruthless methods and a tendency for widespread destruction, the Commandos are often used by different corporations to wreak havoc on an opposing corporation during tradewars and the like.

The unit was created soon after the end of the Second Civil War, with the original members of the organization drawn from discharged combat veterans of both the United States and the new Confederated States. As time passed, the Commandos recruited their new members from the world over, although they have a noted preference for military personnel. Although small in size—the Steel Commandos only number several hundred actual field operatives, they are well trained and highly experienced. As a general rule, the Commandos operate in teams of six, which is usually enough to deal with any situation they are called upon to handle

Description: The armor worn by the Steel Commandos has a distinctive steel-gray color scheme, marked with black highlights and trim. There are no external rank markings, the better to deceive the enemy. Out of armor, the Commandos wear a simple light gray uniform. The Commandos themselves are a racially mixed group, although most originally come from North America.


Story: A cartoon character that Shion Nys absolutely adored when she was about six years old. Andromeda wore a white tunic, silver armor, and had long white hair, which was one reason Shion liked her some much. Her archenemy was Grand Admiral Cygnus X-1, who happened to be Marta Nys's favorite character.


Story: An unknown decker who tends to broadcast news tidbits of interest to cyberspace.


Story: WinterRose is a decker known throughout the Neo York area. Her net icon is of a beautiful woman with long blue-white hair, dressed in an icy blue and white kimono (covered with an infinite variety of snowflake designs). All of her matrix programs involve techno-frost images.

MR. WROBLESKI (first name unknown)

Story: Wrobleski is a short, squat Caucasian male in his early fifties. He has short, dark gray hair, brown eyes, and the gray complexion of a lifetime of heavy smoking and drinking. He speaks with an Eastern European accent, but is a man of few words. He has no obvious cybernetics, and while not physically imposing, he appears to be a skilled combatant

Wrobleski operates globally, and specializes in planning and executing missions which require the coordination of a large group of agents. He hires muscle and certain specialists locally, but seems to prefer that his command staff belong to a small cadre he has come to trust. He generally has at least one adjutant-class replicant with him as an assistant. While he is a shrewd tactician, his real strength lies in planning: Wrobleski is obsessively methodical, and never misses a detail.

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