Story: Jason Stone's butler and right-hand business man. Has a built-in cranial computer, but no other cyberware. He is also the mysterious "Mr. Harrison", a SynTech board member. He sees Jason Stone almost like a son and was one of the people behind getting Stone to resign. He believed that continuing as the CEO of SynTech would inevitably end in his very messy demise if he continued to attempt to oppose the rise of Project Forge from within the company. Stone, of course, has no idea...


Story: Mr. Brisbane is a Mitsumi executive who deals with the sale of Pumas. According to Asuka Puma, he "pawed" at her, at which point she broke his jaw with a swift right cross.


Story: Cory is in her late twenties, with blond hair and a reasonably attractive build. She is a vid-reporter for Rolling Stone videozine, and is equipped with a datajack, audio recorder, and a video camera (built into her eyes and ears of course). For more detailed film work, she will carry a mini-cam, which (this being 2030) is about this size of a standard VHS tape (it uses a optical disk to store data). Since her job tends to take her into rather 'tough' parts of town she usually wears a stylish armored jacket for protection.


Story: A doctor in Shiroko-Tsuhi's "Biologicals Maintenance" clinic, responsible for treating injured company replicants. She responds to her patients as property rather than people, and may be a graduate of a veterinary program geared toward replicant medicine, rather than a medical doctor per se. Introduced in Shell for a Ghost IV.


Story: A former driver for NYPD Inc., Jake is now a freelance driver on the run from the law and several big corps. He is a scruffy man of about 24 with long black hair (with blue highlights) and a semi-beard. He likes cars, driving cars fast and the sort of girls who are attracted to men in fast cars. He is very good at crashing into things.


Story: Harry is a biochemist, and very good at his job; in fact, a bit of a savant with it. He spent fifteen years working for one of the major pharmaceutical corps in Neo York, ignoring the politics around him. At one point, he developed a method of accelerating one stage of the process for creating one of their pills; a minor point by itself, but being able to produce half again as many pills in the same time for the same cost saved the company tens of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, his supervisor stole the idea and presented it as his own, guaranteeing himself a managerial position. When Harry complained, he got booted out as a 'troublemaker' for threatening the new manager. He's been mostly unemployable since then, and has spent his time doing contract work for less-than-legitimate operations. He's got enough of a reputation in the underground as a pharmaceutical miracle-worker that he's reasonably safe there.


Story: ason's sister, thought to be dead. She is currently a government spy infiltrating Shiroko-Tsuhi under the guise and cyborg body of Aasha Tempki. She's assigned by ST to be one of Raven's minders. But for the UNA, she intends to practice 'tactical damage control' and also stage an extraction for Raven. She is licensed by the UNA government to kill in the name of national security.


Story: A corporate lawyer known for speaking in precise, clipped, sentences.


Story: Katsura is 5'8", athletically slender,with glossy black hair and brown eyes. She has an excellent figure and perfect legs. She is also a full-body cyborg.


Story: Short and fairly round, Kim worked as an assistant to Professor Yuki Tokamura at Ishiyama. She is notable for her thick glasses and disheveled appearance. Somewhat round in shape, she snacks constantly, and was known to sneak such snacks to her charges when Prof. Yuki wasn't looking. Current whereabouts unknown.

KURT (Deceased?)

Story: A friend of Scott's who made the mistake of vocally criticizing Dawn's playing during a concert. Presumed dead.


Story: Women fighters of note from the full-contact combat show.


Story: A diabetic corporate executive who defected to the Shiroko-Tsuhi Corporation. His constant companion and lover is Annette, an escort synthetic.


Story: A low-level corporate executive with SynTech, charged with recruiting doctors and patients in the Zero Zone to participate in clinical trials for cyberware. Barry seems unable to believe he is in danger in the Zone, and walks in and out of impossibly dangerous situations without seeming to notice. This is lent a surreal air by the fact that his suit and grooming are always impeccable. Introduced in Day In The Life 8—Stanley Kubrick Film Festival.


Story: Matthew works for Mitsumi. He is the Puma Duty Officer (and following Lee's dismissal, the Lynx Duty Officer), meaning that he manages Mitsumi's 36-person Puma squad (which is usually broken into 6 teams of 6). He lives in the Mitsumi building, in quarters right off of the ones used by the Pumas.

Matthew's big problem is that he likes his charges. He likes them as people and friends, not as pets. He is very polite to his Pumas, and doesn't care for people who treat them like mindless machines or glorified combat-ready sex-toys. The Pumas themselves are programmed to listen to Matthew, which means that he can usually get them to stop arguing and/or trying to hurt each other (or someone else). This ability does not work on Puma's sold to or used by other companies.

Description: Matthew is about 5'8", with a slim build, handsome features and blond hair.


Story: Jason's adopted daughter, newly equipped with nearly full-grown sized (teenager) cyborg body has aspirations of computer hacking and a career as an agent for Stone's new company, SpyCorp. Again, ol' Jason Stone hasn't a clue as to his daughters secret aspirations any more than he has any idea of Arthur's machinations. In all likelihood, Midori is up to something behind his back, too, because that's the trend.


Story: Two security guards who made the mistake of being on duty when Shion Nys's car was stolen. Robert is an incredible fan of Lace & Steel star Beiko.



Story: Best friend of Hoshiro Harihatu, the duties of running HarChem has fallen on his shoulders. A competent businessman, he by far prefers to work behind the scenes than with the "public mumbo-jumbo" that comes with running a large company.


Story: Almost a model of Asian perfection. Yuki is of average height, slim and leggy. She has a sharp face, with long and perfectly straight, silky black hair that is usually tied into a severe bun while working. However, her bright blue eyes stand out, marking her as someone different from the norm. She dresses expensively when not at work; when on duty, a simple blouse and skirt suffice, often covered with a lab coat.

A driven woman, Yuki desires respect and recognition above everything else. She is obsessed with perfection in her work, and disregards others around her, realizing they are necessary, but not enjoying their company. As for replicants, she considers them mere tools to be used and discarded or, if her work, simply challenges and stepping stones to greater things.

Yuki was killed in the attack on Ishiyama's Neo York offices.


Story: Corporate youth who went to the Zone (and 93 Underground) to celebrate his 21st birthday. Extracted by Shion Nys for 100,000 new yen.


Story: A drunken Australian corporate executive who tried to hit on Lilith, Shion, and Raven all at the same time. Amazingly enough, he lived.


Story: As an executive director with Shiroko-Tsuhi, Sanato is charged with managing Shiroko-Tsuhi's esper weapons program. The recruitment of esper weapons is a high priority for the company, and Sanato is under pressure to expand Shiroko-Tsuhi's roster. His successful recruitment of Raven Clark was a major coup, but he is experiencing substantial difficulties in locating other amenable psychokinetics, and his corporate standing precarious.

Sanato is also charged with monitoring psychokinetics who might pose a threat to Shiroko-Tsuhi, and keeping abreast of esper-related developments within other corporations. To this end he maintains a small, highly specialized intelligence network, some of which is dedicated to monitoring the Neo York Zero Zone and its relatively large esper population. Though he originally developed this network with an eye toward recruitment, his access to the Zone has allowed him earn favors with other divisions in Shiroko-Tsuhi. He banks such favors against the day his position is challenged.

Sanato is a shrewd judge of character, and believes that loyalty must be earned, and cannot be forced. He will often take a balanced approached to ensuring an employee's collaboration—make subtle and understated threats more palatable by appropriate inducements. A favorite trick is to make a 'present' that also gives him a hold, such as offering a well-paying position to an friend of the employee (in S-T Arcology, where he can reach them should the employee defect).

He is an excellent negotiator, and subscribes to the theory that a mutually enriching transaction leads to better dispositions, which leads to more lucrative deals in the future.

Sanato is unusual among corporate executives because his family life isn't based on, or even subordinate to, his advancement in the corporation. He has a wife, Diane, and two children, Keiko and John.


Story: Oyabun to a Yakuza family that has fallen on hard times. Suhiro is a cold and ruthless leader, but cares deeply for his mother and on one occasion described himself as "sentimental." He has a tendency to lose his cool when his family is threatened. Recent events necessitated that he make arrangements to have his mother given a full-body cybernetic prosthesis. In the process, he developed an intense loathing for Dr. Snakeye and now owes a substantial honor debt to Mr. Sanato. Introduced in Shell for a Ghost I.


Story: A 20-year-old Japanese woman who found herself Raven's roommate when the PK was recovering from her phenotype correction; Tara herself had just gone through a genetic upgrade. The two developed a casual friendship. Having gone from plain to pretty so quickly has helped Tara's flirtatious tendencies, and she now flits from boyfriend to boyfriend, sometimes keeping two or three at a time. Rather shallow, Tara is something of a disappointment to her lower-management family. She is a small, pretty Japanese girl who's taken to dressing flamboyantly.


Story: A special black ops team in the employ of Shiroko-Tsuhi. They mostly use aliases, and some keep their real names hidden from the other members. Their numbers were recently decimated by a disastrous failure, but their ranks have been rebuilt with an influx of new members. However, arguments often arise between the new and old members, and morale is low.


Story: Corporate youth who got lost in the Zone. Fate unknown.


Story: Ralston is an investigative reporter for the Neo York Times, in an age where the investigative reporter is almost dead. His stories have earned him no less than fifteen death threats over the years, and he's one of the most guarded men in Neo York who's not a corporate director. One of the reasons he's still alive is that he's not blatantly biassed for or against any particular corporation: he's reported dirty little secrets on most of them. So nobody has gone for a full assault yet.


Story: Corporate youth who got lost int he Zone. Fate unknown.


Story: Corporate executive for the Shiroko-Tsuhi Corporation. He is a tall, wide-shouldered man, with a muscular build, short black hair and a full beard. He is known for his unforgiving management style, and an intolerance for waste. William was Shion-hime's former owner.


Story: A somewhat pear-shaped corporate executive who is highly interested in the design specifications of large-breasted Pumas.

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