Story: A unit of corrupt (more so that usual) police officers who will escort someone around town for a sizable fee.


Story: Al is one of the youngest cops on the Force and a rather decent one at that. His only major flaw is his partner, Leona Ozaki (see). Her rather extreme views on crime and punishment are starting to rub off onto him and you figure that in a year or two he won't be any better than she is.


Story: A cop in the NYPD who used to work with Sandra. He's incredibly corrupt, spending most of his free time selling police info to people. WHen he isn't doing that, he selectively screens the crimes he deals with to pick the ones that he has the biggest chance to scam money off. He leans on witnesses. He even falsified info on a report on a bungled raid to give himself a commendation and promotion while two officers died and another one was maimed for life. He's not a nice person.

Description: Alan is a tall and slim man in his early 30s, with a pointy nose and long, limp blond hair.


Story: Beryl is not human, but an artificial person specializing in chasing other replicants. He is very strong, quick and able to suffer significant damage with no permanent effects. Beryl is almost emotionless when it comes to his job, seemingly unfazed by such events as personal injury, the death of a partner, injury or death of civilians, or the death of his target. The A-10 designation refers to his model number.


Story: Tall and gangly, Bonnie looks more like an Ivy League professor than a cop, at least, until she opens her mouth and starts swearing like a longshoreman. She knows her business, though, and she cares, too, which is even rarer these days. She's careful not to let on where her coworkers might see, though, because she knows that most of them don't understand. Like Simon Heller, she goes back far enough to remember when things were different, and that colors her perceptions sometimes. She and Simon understand one another in this regard and in others as well; they might best be described as friends and professional associates who sometimes wake up in the same bed. (Introduced in Second Nature, Interlude 1)


Story: Blaisdell is an older by-the-book cop. Commander of one of NYPD's SWAT teams, he detests Lieutenant Deunan Knute and her tactics (see). He, like Leon McNicholl (see), was a cop that still believed in 'Law Enforcement' as opposed to "Gun-toting assholes who push around civilians because they have a badge that says they can." (his words). Blaisdell looks a lot like Sean Connery from 'The Hunt for Red October".


Story: Brenten is in his mid to late thirties, with thick black hair, a strong muscular build and a perpetual cigarette in his mouth. He is an almost stereotypical NYPD cop, bowing down before his superiors and corporate executives and treating civilians like dirt. Brenten acts in an almost sadistic manner at times, gleefully threatening anyone who bothers him with arrest. He seems to get great joy out of using Lieutenant Knute (see below) as his personal weapon to eliminate troublesome 'lawbreakers'.


Story: A member of the NYPD vice squad, Dally is notorious for exchanging sexual favors for a reduction in charges (or a reduced sentence). He will make this offer to any attractive suspect, regardless of their gender.


Story: David is Brenten's interrogation specialist and quite skilled at extracting 'confessions'. He is a large, imposing individual with flare compensation cybereyes and a heavily reconstructed nose. His nickname comes from his short, brush cut Mohawk, dyed a dark purple color.


Story: Deunan is in her early thirties and is in fantastic physical shape. Better known as the "Ice Queen" or "That frigid bitch...", Deunan has to be the most cold-blooded person anyone has ever met. A member of NYPD's SWAT team, she appears to truly enjoy killing people. An accomplished martial artist, Deunan has on more than one occasion allowed herself to get into 3 and 4-on-one knife fights with 'Zone gangers and come out unscathed. She has an immense weapons collection and seem to quite skilled with everything in it.


Story: James is one of the older members of the Force and seems to be concerned about only one thing; his upcoming retirement. To further ensure that said retirement is quite comfortable, he tries to do as little as possible to avoid upsetting the status quo. He may also responsible for finding creative ways to 'dispose' (i.e. sell) of unneeded evidence (guns, drugs, etc.).


Story: Partner to Leon McNichol (see). She's very attractive, with long, dark hair. Her personality can best be described as 'energetic'. Jeena lost her left arm several years ago in a fight with a BU-12C cyberdroid and now has a cybernetic replacement equipped with hand razors (and possibly a .44 magnum cybergun).


Story: An NYPD Inc. officer who used to work with Sandra. She is short, slightly overweight and could be charitably described as "cute". (Or, alternatively, a super-deformed Makoto Kusanagi.) She has shoulder-length black hair and gormless blue eyes. She is a stickler for rules and has a tendency pedantically quote laws, rules, and regulations. She believes that the Zero Zone is inhabited by mutants, monsters, cannibals, rogue Pumas, and "mass-murdering serial puppy-kickers." Alan loathes her more than anything else in the universe. Even Sandra.


Story: Leon is one of the few honest cops left in the NYPD. A member of the Armored Trooper Division, he pilots Police K-11 (scout) and K-12 (combat) Landmates. Leon is a rather handsome man with long (over regulation length) hair and sideburns. His primary vice is attending Dawn and the Razor's Edge concerts at 93 Underground.


Story: Along with Al, Leona is one of the younger members of the force. Although a competent officer, Leona seems to have no concept of restraint and is more than willing to use whatever force is available to apprehend a suspect. She is also psychopathically protective of her patrol cruiser and once shot out a man's kneecaps for daring to dent it.


Story: Naokoa is a 6 year veteran of the Force and has very cynical world view. She has permanently divided up the world into two groups: those she can push around, and those she can't. 99% of the world falls into the "those she can push around" category. Partner to Murphy (see below).


Story: Partner to Lewis, Murph' is a firm believer in the "retirement plan" in which everything you do is designed to make life easier once you step down. This means that he's trying his best to make himself look good in front of his superiors so that he can get a quick promotion to a cushy desk job.


Story: An overzealous, trigger-happy, possibly psychotic NYPD Inc. officer. Transferred from "another precinct" for "disciplinary" reasons. Believes that all criminals are scum who deserve to be shot, or worse. Trials are for losers. Tatsuna servers under Crayse (q.v.) and works with Alan and Karen. She has a nice figure, long brown hair, brown eyes and would have an attractive face if she wasn't usually shouting or snarling at someone. She has impeccable qualifications graduated at the top of her class, is well versed in all the latest tactics and equipment, and would be an exemplary officer if she wasn't completely insane.

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