KATHERINE RAMIS (known to some as "Kitten")

Story: Rebuilt as a cyborg after her near-death at the hands of a self-destructing cyberdroid, Katherine has now become something more than human; but what exactly, Katherine has yet to figure out. On one hand, her body, strong enough to lift several tons and tough enough to shrug off the effects of most small arms, excites her. On the other, she no longer feels fully human, and her body is certainly no longer feminine, for it is a mechanical construct, making her almost exactly like the creation that nearly ended her life. Because of this, Katherine goes to great lengths to hide the fact that she is a cyborg. Her body is coated with a highly advanced synthetic skin laced with a fine network of neural terminals, thus she has full body sensations of touch, heat, cold, etc. It is because of this enhanced sensitivity that Katherine is especially vulnerable to electrical shocks and discharges, as they tend to overload her neural interface. Finally, Katherine never wears any form of revealing clothing, preferring to cover herself as much as possible.

Having quit the San Francisco Police Force and moved to Mega-Tokyo in an effort to come to grips with her new condition, Katherine has turned to bounty hunting as a way to make ends meet. Her new occupation provides enough risks and danger that she feels alive once again. At times, she seems to take slightly excessive risks, it may be that she secretly desires death and an end to her existence as an unnatural semi-machine.

Aside from bounty hunting, Katherine also works as a courier and special operative for Nishi Tenno. Regardless of which job she is performing, Katherine is exacting in all her actions. She always does her best to present herself in a professional manner, dressing properly, accepting only those contracts that don't conflict with her previous life as a police officer, completing all contracts taken, avoiding excessive damage and casualties and so on. Katherine takes a dim view of those who share her occupation and are loud, obnoxious and trigger-happy.

Description: Katherine is of medium height, standing about 5'8" or so. Of mixed parentage, she has light brown skin, green eyes and thick black hair that falls well past her shoulders. Her build is attractively slim, but highly deceptive, for fully 70 percent of her body is cybernetic. Thus, her weight is in excess of 425 pounds. Katherine goes to great lengths to hide this fact.

When working, Katherine dresses in a variation of her old police uniform; heavy, dark blue, knee-length jacket, white dress shirt, red tie, wide black gun belt, dark blue pants, black boots and black fingerless gloves. The Beretta goes in a shoulder holster, the other two guns are on her belt, with the Earthshaker on the right, the Assault Pistol on the left. When off-duty, Katherine will always dress in outfits that cover her from neck to wrist to ankle, either shirt and pants combinations or long flowing dresses.


Story: The daughter of a French businessman and a Japanese TV journalist, Katsumi ended up in the most unlikely job you could imagine—a Mega-Tokyo police officer. Equipped with just a touch of wire (basically a datajack and rewired reflexes), she's one of the cities many patrol officers, cruising about in a vector-thrust spinner keeping the city safe. She actually likes her job too, and feels an honest need to try and help people. Her best friend Katherine Ramis thinks she's just a touch naive, but respects her dedication. Any NYPD Inc. officer would think her to be an idiot.

Description: Standing 5'6" with a slender frame, Katsumi normally ties up her long black hair into a tight bun when on patrol. Her uniform is typical for police officers the world over: armored jacket, boots with reinforced plate, gunbelt, and so on. Out of uniform she wears fairly fashionable clothes of the type you'd be able afford on a police officer's salary.


Story: Nabiki Tendo understood at an early age that it was money, not love, that made the world go round. Power was nice, but it seemed to make one a target for those who didn't have any. The trick was to be the one working behind the scenes, the one to whom people in power go to get things done, the one who knows where to find the goods that were always in demand. People like that were always in demand, and were paid handsomely for their services. If she could become one of these people—a "fixer" as slang put it—she would have it made. Needless to say, Nabiki has spent the last 15 years of her life doing just that, and in the process gaining the reputation as the best fixer in all of Mega-Tokyo, and possibly the entire Pacific Rim.

Description: Nabiki stands close to 5'7", with a nicely proportioned figure. Her hair is a dark blackish-brown and cut in loose pageboy style. Long hours in darkened rooms spent staring at monitor screens has had a detrimental affect on her eyesight. Nabiki wears contacts to correct this, and will never allow herself to be seen in glasses. Nabiki is highly aware of the value of appearances and is always dressed in the finest clothing possible.


Story: A blue-haired Lynx who runs a safehouse/hotel for Nabiki Tendo in Mega-Tokyo. If she likes you, she will spend the night in your bed (if you want). She likes Raven.

Description: Temple stands 5'10" with the typical build for a Lynx. Her light blue hair is worn straight, framing her face, and is gathered in back into a fall goes to her waist.

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