PLAYER: Jamie Jeans

Background/History: Once known as Karin Nys, whom was raised from a very young age to be a skilled espionage agent, Karin escaped to Neo York to make a name for herself. But the bounty on her head forced her to assume a new identity, that of Korey Winters.

Were anyone to check on Korey Winters, they would find a history that seemed normal, with a plain record on elementary school, high school, and a degree in history and politics. It would be after that that people would find a history where a young Korey Winters had joined up with a foreign spy agency and trained for several years before coming to Neo York.

After the Zero Zone invasion, where Korey held a number of missions, some of which were successful and some of which were not, she sold her home in Neo York and left for London to set up base there. Ray, an artificial psychokinetic the likes of Lilith, did not join her, instead leaving for the Zero Zone to help out another experimental synthetic named Shoko. His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Personality/Motivation: Whereas Karin Nys was quick to act and even clumsy in some of her earlier missions, Korey Winters is calm, cool, collected, and will take her time in planning out her missions as well as putting together any contingency plans should something go wrong. While she may not be ale to predict everything that could go wrong, she still has the ability to think quickly on her feet.

Korey also is prone to moments of Karin-ness, sometimes making stupid little mistakes about the home that she feels bad about, and still carries a torch for Raven, even five years later. She doesn't know what has happened to the woman she loved as an older sister, but intends to find out. However, what she'll do when and if she finds out where she is is quite another thing entirely.

After all, she had to convince everyone that Karin Nys had been captured and killed, and that included Raven.

Quote: "As good as plans are, there is sometimes nothing more comforting than a fully loaded gun in your holster."

Powers/Tactics: Korey is a purely natural human, with no more powers than a well conditioned athlete as well as her own years of training and her experience working firsthand in the Zero Zone both before and during the Jinsei invasion. As an espionage agent, she can infiltrate facilities, steal information and equipment, and plans as best she can for anything that can go wrong. However, if she feels a mission is going to be too much for her alone, she will not hesitate to seek out people with the right skills for the job.

More often than not, she will work by stealth as much as possible, preferring to avoid danger and firefights wherever possible, and can even disguise herself to a certain degree.

She will not put those she works with in unnecessary danger, and as a normal human, albeit a well trained and conditioned one, she is prone to all the limitations a human has.

Appearance: Korey Winters has changed her look somewhat in the five years since the Jinsei invasion, but still looks almost the same. She has two slightly different coloured eyes, the right being a light green and the left being a dark green, white hair with a streak of dark running down along one side, and a slim, athletic frame with a healthy bustline.

She has scars on her body from her more reckless days, as well as during the time of her training, and dresses in very nice, dark gray suits when she meets with her clients.

Her mission gear changes with every mission, and she can and does wear whatever it takes to complete a mission, from military wear, to infiltration gear, and even hardsuits, if she has the time and the resources to get them.

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