PLAYER: Rob Rutherford

Background/History: Evelyn was a spoiled brat as a child. She was given nearly everything but freedom to choose her own path. Shortly after receiving her genetic upgrade she developed a wild streak. She did what she wanted when she wanted. She was bright, athletic, beautiful, and she knew it. She decided to fake her parents signature and get a job as a model.

Being young, arrogant, and na•ve she found an agent outside the corp who would put her right to work. It was exactly as easy as she planned.

When she went for her first job, one minute she's getting her makeup on, the next minute she's all she could think about was her throbbing head. As she tried to move she felt the zip-ties bite into her skin. Reality slowly sank in, she was blindfolded and gagged, no doubt she was going to be the toy of some pervert.

"She's awake" a man's voice said.

"Good, how's my baby doing?" It was her agent's voice, soft and condescending. "Oh that's right, you can't talk."

She thought she could make out footsteps approaching her, but she wasn't sure, her head hurt too much.

"I would remove the gag, but its so becoming on you." He snickered, "You rich upgrades are so easy. You think that you know everything, but you're so stupid."

She still wasn't thinking about that yet, her head hurt too much.

"Just in case you were wondering, you'll fetch a handsome price." He paused "But first we're going to start with some training. You see we can't have you rebelling against our generous customers, nor can we expect them to have the expertise to do the job right without damaging the merchandise."

Eve heard a soft buzzing sound.

"Now I'm going to give you a taste of what will happen when you disobey. But don't worry, we won't leave physical marks."

With that Eve felt a shock course through her as the stun-stick touched her. She tried to scream but the gag prevented her. The pain subsided after a few moments. She then felt herself being picked up by her hair.

"That was just a taste, and a low power taste at that."

His breath reeked of beer.

"Now that you've had an explanation, the lesson will begin."

She was let go, but before she could collapse she felt the sting of the stun-stick on her bare stomach.

The next thing she was aware of was a the sharp smell of ammonia. Slowly she opened her eyes. Her binds were completely gone and she was aware of a blanket wrapped around her. Looking up she saw a rather large male figure, he was wearing black armor, and his face was covered with a visor.

An electronically muffled voice said "She's regained consciousness." There was a brief pause then "Confirmed." The man gazed down at here from behind the visor, "Try not to move, you're going to be okay".

That wasn't very reassuring, while she couldn't identify any particular injuries, Eve's entire body was sore and really didn't want to move. But she did glance around, concrete floor, crudely boarded windows, the paper was separating from the sheet rock. Eve noticed a large firearm at the man's side. She knew exactly where she was, the zone.

She continued to rest, and watch the man attend to some other girls. They didn't look good was about the only thing she could think of. Not having any idea how bad a shape she was in.

A few minutes later a the man gently helped her into a sitting position, the plates and coarseness of his armor certainly wasn't comforting. He pulled a small can out of one of his pockets, "Here sip this."

The sweet drink burned a little on her lips, but it was cool and refreshing.

"How's she doing?" Angel asked, her voice was cool and crisp, but not without compassion.

Eve glanced up at the figure who entered the room; tall, beautiful with short red hair and deep green eyes. She was wearing armor similar to the man who was tending to her, but rather than hide her natural beauty it accentuated it.

"She's in pretty bad shape." the electronically cloaked voice replied.

"And the others?"

"They can travel, and the sooner we get them out of here the better."

"Fine, just make sure they see the sleaze-ball and know that he's never going to hurt them, or anybody else again."

He looked down at Eve, "I'm going to help you get out of here, let me know if it hurts to much." He scooped her up with ease.

Carrying her into another room, she spotted the sleaze-ball. It was tied to a chair with a bunch of, and gagged with his own zip-ties. She noted that his bonds were tight, tight enough for his hands had turned blue and blood to come out from the sides of his mouth.

"See, he's never going to harm anybody again." Angel pointed out. "And when you leave the room he's going to be finished."

Eve could see the terror in his eyes. She was beginning to think rationally again. Was she that scared when he began torturing her? She remembered the repeated hits from his stun baton, now he looked like he was going to cry.

"I want to kill him myself." She thought.

Angel and her armored friends all looked at her.

Did she really say that aloud?

"Did you just say you wanted to kill him yourself?" Angel laughed.

Eve was now embarrassed. More so than realizing that she was only covered in a blanket and being carried by a complete stranger.

Angel walked over to her and brushed Eve's hair out of her face. "Do you really want to kill him?"
Her voice was so gentle, all Eve could do was nod.

Angel smiled, this one was interesting, for child who had just been tortured she seemed remarkably rational. Maybe just hurt and angry, but still potentially very interesting. "Get the other girls out out here." Angel thought if nothing else this could be therapeutic.

She continued after the other girls were hustled to the transport, "Have you ever held a gun before?"

Eve shook her head.

"Can you even walk?" She asked with amusement.

Eve swallowed, "I'll try."

Angel motioned to one of her teammates.

He quickly walked over to her.

"Can you loan her your jacket?"

Without a word he removed his ballistic jacket.

"Now listen very carefully, here's the deal," Angel measured the weight of the jacket, "The jacket is your choice and for your own sense of modesty, the rest of this isn't." Angel pulled her pistol, "This is a Jinsei Hoshoku Zeta, one of the best pistols in the world. Unlike the arcade pistols you have no doubt used this is very heavy, very loud, and the kick will knock you on you ass." She looked the teenager in the eye, "First you have to stand unaided. Then you have to hold this pistol, you can use both hands if you want. You have to turn off the safety, see the two red dots on the rear sight? You have to line those two dots up with third dot at the end of the barrel. And without shaking, panicking, or otherwise loosing your nerve point the pull the trigger."

"Do you want to try?" Angel held the butt of the pistol to her.

"Put me down" Eve whispered.

Her friend gently put her down, Eve held on to her cover.

The other man came and Eve slowly donned the heavy jacket. She was happy to find that it was much softer on the inside than it was on the outside. She took one step with the jacket and collapsed under its weight.

"That's enough Angel, lets get the kid out of here" her friend reached down to pick her back up.

"No. I want to do this." Eve gulped. She wanted to do this more so than anything else. She didn't care about how sore she was, nor anything else.

She slipped out of the heavy jacket and stood up. Her knees were shacking for a moment, and her breathing was shallow.

"You're going to have to be a lot calmer if you want this pistol." Angel said. "When you're angry you aren't rational and might regret your actions. Never kill somebody when you're angry."

"Now close your eyes, calm down and take some deep breaths." Angel was curious if this girl was a natural kill, or just an angry child. Her blood pressure and pulse would tell. Once she was calm the girl would show her true colors, she would either pull the trigger on her own, or she would loose her cool.

Angel's perception would tell all. When she sensed that the young girls pulse had stabilized, a nice solid 60 bpm. She told the girl to open her eyes again. She could sense the girl was calm.

Eve extended her hand to Angel. She was very sore, she just told herself to relax.

Angel placed the butt of the firearm in the pretty little blond girl's outstretched hand.

The young girl then put both hands on the butt. She then changed her stance to brace herself and held the gun at arms length and raised the gun. She slowly lined up the dots. She wasn't shaking and her pulse wasn't going up either. Spectacular.

Angel could see the panic in the target. He actually thought she was going to just let him go? She spent a long time pumping him for names, passwords, account numbers for all his past transactions. She was going to track down every girl, every buyer and make sure they paid. Her benefactor's granddaughter was among the missing girls, and he paid an exorbitant amount to put the team together. And now that she had everything she could get from him she certainly wasn't gong to let him warn the others.

He was shaking his head, and trying to escape. Angel took comfort in knowing that in the last few hours of his life he was feeling the same terror, and pain that his victims did.


Eve pulled the trigger.

Her friend caught her keeping her from hitting the floor.

Angel was now very interested, she could sense that the girl's pulse still wasn't above 60 bpm. This girl had some serious potential.

That was 10 years ago.

Personality/Motivation: Kami was a spoiled rich brat who ran away from home. She was trained by Angel an Esper/Street Samurai. She worked in the NYC Zone as a Street Samurai known as Kami, and a stripper known as Silver. While she's a ice cold killer, she also tends to be a self indulgent hedonist and tends to have a difficult time reconciling both lifestyles. She spent a couple of years after leaving the zone with her lover Aoi searching for something to do. Finding difficulty in the constraints of living outside the zone.

She's since purchased a second home in Hong Kong and opened a night club: NBK. Still she has a difficult time balancing herself. Her Kami personality tends to be ice cold, and Silver tends to be bouncy and indulgent.

Kami: "Don't take this personally, I have a job to do."
Silver: "Mmmm, lets go have some fun."
Eve: "Here's the deal, if you don't like it, you'll have to answer to my partner."


Appearance: Kami is about 5"5' tall and appears to be in her late teens. She has platinum blonde hair, amber eyes, and a perfect creamy complexion. She's easy to identify as an upgrade, sexroid or esper just by looking at her. Though her looks are still deceiving, her size and build belie her ability to go toe to toe with a Puma and win.

Dressed for business on the street she tends to wear tight fitting cloths, and a clamshell vest. While practical she demands to look good, solid black would never do, black with an indigo pattern on the other hand. For business in the club she'll go for a short mini-dress of minimum length.

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