PLAYER: Alex Fauth

Background/History: "Hey.. how much are the ears to get a pair done? The small ones, I mean? I want to look cool, not like I'm wearing a hang glider on my head."

Being a professional gunfighter wasn't exactly something that Kaelyn had planned on. It just kind of happened.

Born and raised in a relatively normal family in London, she developed an interest in firearms during her teens. Of course, it was more of book knowledge—with the UK's very strict gun control laws, it meant that she probably would have never been able own one anyway. (But then, this is a country where police officers can happily walk around armed with only truncheons. Go figure) Her gun fascination was one of several interests she developed during her youth.

The other was for the city of Hong Kong.

Her father's family had originally been residents, but left before the 1997 hand-over. Settled back in England, they never thought about going back. However, this meant that Kaelyn grew up with a Grandfather who'd regale her with stories of the exciting city that he used to live in. So as soon as she was old enough, and had the money, she moved over there.

Once settled, she began to engage in her earlier hobby, an interest in firearms. However, a few chance encounters managed to up her interest. She began to learn more about Hong Kong's criminal side, and the numerous hired guns that were a part of it. She'd heard stories of it, and found the whole idea to be, well, strangely fascinating. So she started doing jobs as a hired gunfighter, partially because she wanted the cash and partially because she found it interesting. Over time, she actually became passably good at it.

Personality/Motivation: Kaelyn is a fairly outgoing and sociable person—when she's not on a job, that is. Usually friendly and casual, she likes to have a good time and enjoy herself. She's also a touch on the impulsive, even whimsical side, as her appearance suggests. She tends short-term, casual relationships. and seems to have a rotating roster of boyfriends. At present, however, she's not after a permeant relationship.

When "on the job" it's a different matter. Relatively professional and straightforward, she doesn't mess around and tries to get things done with as little fuss as possible. At the same time, she likes to mess around with a new weapon or design to see how it goes and how it comes off, and certainly enjoys a challenge.

Her attitude towards Megacorps could be best described as ambivalent. She doesn't have the same hatred of them that some any others in her line of work share; at the same time she's not a support of them. But they provide work, so she won't argue.

Kaelyn would be best described as a "Gun enthusiast" (But the term "Gun Nut" would also apply) She collects weapons, and then tinkers, modifies, customizes, and rebuilds them. Has too much floor space dedicated to such. She's not a total gun geek, but knows her gear too a fair deal. She likes looking for new ideas and seeing what you can do with them.

In her spare time, Kaelyn likes to read. She almost always has a gun on her.

Quote: "They say the Jinsei Hokoshu Zeta Plus will be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Until I get my paws on one, I'm not convinced."

"I dunno... guess it just seemed like a good idea at the time."

Powers/Tactics: Kaelyn is a professional gunfighter, although she prefers to call herself a "weapon specialist." Her primary area of expertise is armed combat with a wide variety of firearms; she can quickly adapt to most anything that she may have on her, or that may fall into her hands. Reasonably agile, and possessed of good coordination and eyesight, she is a skilled marksman when needs be.

Of course, she has boosted her own abilities with cyberwar; its the natural thing to do to be competitive. Her gear isn't anywhere near as much as the "typical" Street Sam, and is focused more on speed, agility and, of course, anything that makes her a better shot.

Her primary asset, however, is her collection of firearms. In a fight, Kaelyn will always have a gun on her. Or two. (Or more.) She tries to pick a weapon that will be appropriate for the situation.

Appearance: Kaelyn is of above average height with a toned physique; formerly pale form years of living in England, she's beginning to develop something of a tan. She has light bluish-green eyes, and long brown hair that's usually worn loose or in a ponytail. Her hair seems to change color on a weekly basis, and she makes very little effort to disguise the fact that its not
naturally that way.

She has two rather distinctive features, the results of random decisions she's made in the past that seemed like a cool idea at the time. Most of her (left?) arm (starting on the back of her hand), as well as the shoulder and the side of her neck are covered in an elaborate tattoo, made up of dozens of smaller individual scale-like pieces. Similarly, she sports
pointed ears; a cosmetic modification she had done on a whim. Smaller then the currently trendy "hang glider" ears, they can be hidden easily with a hat or even behind her hair—not that she ever does such.

When "working", Kaelyn typically sports reasonably sensible combat wear - Body-suit, armored vest, combat webbing, many holsters, big boots, gloves and so on. She prefers dull colors not out of any sort of fashion statement but because they simply blend in better in an urban situation. Otherwise, she tends to dress in plain casuals—not overly fashionable but not completely against it.

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