PLAYER: James Flett

Background/History: A three times Oxbridge Doctorate holder, Isaac Barr was born special. His family, seeing the difficult state the world was in felt their boy needed an edge. That edge was experimental genetic modification.

It was thanks to this edge that Isaac was able to complete doctorates in Cybernetics, Esper Biology and Advanced Biochemistry, all by the age of 18. By this point he had also created the revolutionary CIN System, a cybernetic interface that allowed the technological linking of esper minds and powers. Isaac's troubles began when his invention came to the attention of a corporate esper weapons project known as the Kensington Experiment.

Within half a year Isaac had risen to become project manager and was showing a worrying obsession towards his work. So much so that when Kagura bought out the project and tried to place their own personnel in control of the project Isaac destroyed most of the system and killed the rest of the project team before fleeing.

In a bid to escape the agents of Kagura and Shiroko--Tsuhi (Kagura's chief competitor concerning the project), as well as the British police Isaac ended up in the New York Zero Zone. Here he paid an extortionate amount of money at an underground genetics lab to have his arm (lost in the destruction of the project) re-grown and his body repaired, a process that should have taken three weeks in a nutrient vat. Two weeks into the treatment Jinsei's invasion began.

When the lab's power system was damaged in the fighting Isaac was awakened, several weeks overdue, still missing his arm, and filled with jittery nervous energy. During the days it took him to dig his way out he fashioned an arm for himself. Initially just a jury-rigged thing to help with lifting, it was slowly developed until it could perform as well as any Corporate model, plus not many Corporate models came with built in laser cutters.

Finally free Isaac (or Izzaak as he has begun calling himself, after his hacker alias) wandered aimlessly through the Zero Zone as Jinsei's invasion collapsed around him. Finally leaving he began to analyze his new condition and also check various corporate databases. Then he made a discovery that sent him into a furious rage. Responding to the rumors that Jinsei had acquired a number of young espers during their invasion, Kagura and Shiroko had begun a 'joint' effort to recreate the Kensington Experiment, hoping to use the KID System to combat any power Jinsei might have gained. Finding the project to be based in Hong Kong, Izzaak set out immediately, quickly building an alter ego for himself. He would claim to be the brother of one of the subjects in the previous incarnation of the Kensington project, now acting to prevent anyone from having to go through the experience his sister went through.

His cover complete he arrived in Hong Kong filled with the desire to crush the project that HE ALONE had any right to.

Personality/Motivation: Isaac's brain was fundamentally altered while still in the womb. This means that he is capable of processing information at much greater speeds than 'normals' but also in ways that most humans would find alien and incomprehensible. This gives him many of the traits commonly associated with mild Sociopaths and great geniuses, specifically charisma and a manipulative nature. This is enhanced by his views of others as tools rather than allies or friends. He is more than intelligent enough to conceal this view however.

Isaac is motivated by his obsessive connection to his projects, particularly the Kensington Experiment. This has led to a number of problems in the past, including his mother ending up in hospital after interfering in one of his early experiments. Isaac is also now driven by his rapidly approaching death. The failed genetic treatments undertaken in the ZZ have massively boosted his metabolism, filling him with nervous energy, denying him sleep and burning out his body. Unless he does something drastic soon he will not live more than a few more years.

Quote: "Its mine! How dare you, you ignorant drones, how dare you try to take it from me!"
(as Izzaak) "Please, help me. They have to pay for what they did to my sister."

Powers/Tactics: Isaac relies on his ability to think quickly to keep him out of trouble, and his ability to talk others into doing his bidding to get him out if he can't. He has no real combat experience and no official training, leading him to avoid getting personally involved in fights, instead relying on others to do his fighting for him.

The only innate 'powers' that Isaac possesses come from his unusual genetic makeup. These include a near immunity to disease and bio warfare agents, and a mind that espers have described as being "like leaving your home town for the first time and moving to another country where you don't speak the language and there are no road signs".

Appearance: An attractive, Caucasian male, Isaac has several jacks in the base of his skull that are normally hidden by shoulder length hair, and a connecting array of sub-dermal circuitry that illuminates when overloaded. These appear as luminous blue lines across his skin.

His cybernetic arm is usually covered in some form of material, either synth skin or a sort of black and white arm glove.

He is about 6'2", has black shoulder length hair (often dyed green, blue, orange or other colour), and blue-grey eyes, that also illuminate from within when the subdermals are active.

Designer's Notes: Although genetically enhanced, Izzaak does not fit the standard package for an enhanced human. This is partly because he was among the first to receive what was, at that time, an extremely experimental treatment, and partly because his recent period of treatment has damaged his body on a genetic level.

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