PLAYER: Rob King

Background: An officer in the British army, First Lieutenant Catherine Jenner is also known by the call sign Dagger. Catherine is the daughter of a British SAS officer and has spent her entire life exposed to elite military units; growing up in the British Special Forces community Catherine who idolized her father joined the army at 18 before joining military intelligence two years later. After a mission went horrifically wrong Catherine was transferred as a support operative to the Crisis Reaction Force (CRF) the British Special Forces elite within the elite. She works undercover as a covert operative, her cover as a mercenary specializing in the extraction or personnel or items enables her to move freely around the region and carry out her missions without it being obvious that she works for the British government.

A deeply moral individual who believe passionately in freedom and justice, Catherine believes in her mission and is deeply loyal to her country and her unit. Being raised by the government has formed many of her attitudes and altered her worldview, she has been trained to dehumanize an enemy in order to justify the actions that she caries out, if you can convince her that someone is bad enough she will kill them in a shockingly brutal manner and walk away with a clear conscience, she can shoot a person as if they were nothing more than a paper target. Catherine is an introverted even shy personality who is insecure about her feelings and only opens up to those who she trusts. However events have left her traumatized and psychologically unstable, haunted by the horrors of the past she suffers panic attacks and flashbacks, in an attempt to escape from the past she has turned to heroin. She has also developed a form of bipolar disorder, swinging from a very quiet and reserved seemingly frightened character to a cold sadistic psychopath capable of savage violence.

Skills: A product of the world's premier special forces unit her specialty is surveillance she is also trained as a communications technician and field medic, for her work as a mercenary she has been given extensive combat training. Catherine plays a supporting role within the CRF framework, as an operative in place she is tasked to gather intelligence and do reconnaissance for others, among her tasks is to investigate events of interest to the British government. The mission has other aspects such as assassinating anyone who gets in the way of the government's agenda, and the ambiguously named "human resource control" the elimination of those attempt to defect or who betray the British government.

Appearance: Standing at 5ft 10in tall with pale skin, auburn hair and dark blue-grey eyes with an average figure and long legs she has a detailed tattoo, a sword wreathed in roses running down her spine from the base of her neck to the base of her spine. Catherine is in exceptional shape with defined powerful musculature, under her skin is limited cyberware, cybereyes installed as a result of the disastrous mission are coupled to smartgun links, and she also has numerous blades concealed in her hands and forearms. Catherine could be beautiful if she tried but a combination of practicality and her shyness means she wears utilitarian clothing, usually scruffy and hard wearing so that she can conceal at least one weapon, she only wears make up and fashionable or revealing clothing if a mission demands it. She is never more than arms reach from a weapon of some kind, and carries with her a keepsake in the form of a customized Colt M1911 .45 with ivory grips.

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