PLAYER: Dave Mattingly

Story: Walter Gibraltar grew up nosy. He always had to know what everybody else was doing and saying. He quickly turned his curiosity into a profitable venture by showing an interest in journalism. He had both the charismatic talent to give a good delivery, and the reporter's nose for news that allowed him to really succeed at investigation.

He has learned, though, to leverage his information. He specializes in digging up the dirt on anyone or anything he goes after, but realizes that it's often more effective to keep incriminating knowledge to himself, if he can turn a story into an ongoing contact instead. Many of his "sources" are bodies that Walter knows more about than the source would like, but with the understanding that Walter will only reveal what he knows upon his own death, he has been able to use a network of potential enemies into a loose network of stalemated alliances that he uses for his own informative gain.

Walter has been a freelance reporter for the last few years, after a couple of stints at corporate newsfeeds. He's had his share of time in front of the camera, but prefers to spend his time in the streets and the towers, digging up the truth and using it as he sees fit. Sometimes he exposes the corruption that he finds, by selling it to an interested party, or to the news, and sometimes he holds onto the information he has, waiting for conclusive proof, or for an opportunity to "entice" (blackmail is such a strong word) his "client" into helping him in the future.

Description: Walter is a fortyish American male with a mixed Irish heritage. He's a slim 5'8" with brown hair and brown eyes. His face is a kind of pointed oval, with a narrow cleft chin, often with a few days of scruff. He typically wears loose-fitting clothing, with an oversized jacket. He has a large collection of hats, and is rarely without one.

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