PLAYER: Michael Newton

Story: Jin arrived in the Zone several years ago now, but has always kept a low profile. Rumor on the street has it that this is because he used to do 'security' work for a corp and left on less then friendly terms, but when asked he has been less then forth coming about his life before the Zone other then an occasional demonstration of the skills he acquired if the questioner becomes too persistent. Those who do know of him, know him to be a solid and reliable operative who will always do his best to fulfill a contract once he has taken it. Psychokinetics who have meet him have confirmed that he is a PK himself, but reports of his actual abilities are vague, apart from the fact that he has been observed on more then one occasion defying the laws of gravity by sitting on things that obviously can't support his weight, running up walls and leaping off the sides of buildings without being hurt.

Description: Standing 5'11", Ujinaka has a toned but not heavy build. A large scar from an old knife wound is etched down the left side of his face, leaving him with a lopsided smile. While the scars lends a certain credence to his intimidation attempts, most people seem to find it somewhat unattractive. Using his disguise skill, Ujinaka can hide the scar, but still has the tell tale lopsided smile. He tends to dress in dark colors (you never know when you might need to hide in a dark corner) and avoids wearing white if possible. On the other hand he dislikes wearing all black, and dresses in dark reds and blues by preference. He tries to pick clothes that will be appropriate to where ever he is heading. His dark hair is swept back into a shoulder length ponytail while his eyes are an unusual and very pale gray.

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