PLAYER: Lise Mendel

Story: Thorn is just another Zone Ganger. True, she belongs to the "Wizards of Odds", which is a bit smaller and badder than most, but it's a Wiz-gang. True to form, the gang's leader, Jet Stream, claims to be much bigger and badder than he is.

Thorn has always lived in the zone, at least, that's what she says. Not that anyone remembers seeing her, and sister, Rose, or her brother more than two years ago. Not that anyone has called her on it. People are always dropping in and out of sight, and questions are rarely asked.

Thorn doesn't give a shidh about anyone. She's a ganger, right? Everyone knows that slags like them only take care of each other. Just don't mention that she's usually welcome on Church Row, and that she's gotten in Jet Stream's way when he started cutting a path through Dingleway (one of the 'poor man's bartertown' sections of the zone).

No, she's just another Zone ganger... and she's got a habit of 'hunting' U2C's who take to hunting in the Zero Zone.

Description: Every so often in the zone a 'type' emerges as the one to watch. A couple of years ago it was six footers (men and women) who looked like their faces had been run through a shredder. This season it seems to be delicate appearing women, generally pale and pretty and young, who can tear you apart with deceptive ease. Thorn is another one.

She's middle sized. She was probably born a blonde, but her hair is now a pale green. Her eyes are green. Her leathers are green. Even the knives she carries are green.

She might be approaching 20, but considering the way the Zone ages people, that's not likely...

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