a.k.a. Jill the Ripper

PLAYER: The Vainglory

Theresa Morraine

Story: Theresa Morraine is a cheerful young hit woman who plies her trade in the Zero Zone, Neo York proper and pretty much anywhere else that people want other people dead, provided they pick up the tab. She was born in Hong Kong, the second child of a manufacturing company owner and she's never wanted for anything in her life. With her elder brother being groomed to take over the family business, she was largely left to her own devices. Theresa didn't so much "fall in" with the bad crowd as go off looking for it. She's received an upper level education and been trained in the martial arts by the best teachers her family's money can buy; although the vast majority of them have resigned in disgust.

Two years ago, Theresa fled Hong Kong after a very nasty falling out with a local crime boss (she stabbed his daughter to death with a pair of scissors). Before she left, she managed to embezzle a considerable sum from her brother's company, leaving it severely strapped for capital for the foreseeable future. Just this side of stinking rich, Theresa sank nearly the entire load into bleeding edge cyberware. Shortly afterward, she moved to Neo York with plans to go into business for herself. She's fairly well known among nearly all of the organized crime factions in the area and has worked for most of them at one point or another.

Personally, Theresa is usually warm, pleasant, open and sociable. She is also violent, unpredictable, sadistic and dangerously insane.

quotes: "Sometimes I wonder if I'm still human... (Laughs) And sometimes I wonder if I ever was."
"You'd be amazed at how many people need to die in this town."

Description: Theresa Morraine is a young woman in her late twenties. She has a very pretty face, stands about 5'8" tall and has an attractive, soft-edged, curvy figure. It truly looks as though she's never worked a day in her life. When she uses her augmented strength, her muscles snap into obvious relief against her skin in somewhat unsettling fashion. She has fair skin, brown eyes and neck length straight black hair that she keeps carefully arranged in what she usually refers to as a "Cleopatra bob." That is, shorn in a line at the base of her neck and worn with bangs.

Theresa enjoys wearing a variety of clothes, but when she's doing business, she normally wears black slacks, black men's leather dress shoes that have been buffed to a high gloss, a starched white dress shirt, black necktie and suspenders with a matching frock coat (a lengthened suit jacket that hangs to the knees). When going out for "pleasure," she frequently adds a grey longcoat and broad brimmed hat. Regardless of what she's wearing, she's never, ever seen without her earrings, which are two small dangling silver inverted crosses.

Theresa also smiles almost constantly. Including during badly inappropriate situations.

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