PLAYER: Criss Bubacz

Story: Taijiri grew up the wealthy son of a policeman in MegaTokyo. He knew at an early age that this was not the life for him so he took to the strets to find excitement. He found it.

Running with a now defunct streetgang who dubbed themselves the Stygian Hatchetboys, he learned how to get along in the mean streets. This did not sit well with his parents, however and he eventually ran away from that place to make his fortune as a street samurai.

He always respected his father for reasons he does not specify and when his parents died in an automobile accident, he felt it was his duty to uphold the standards by which his father lived. Be the best at what one does and never betray your employer. He became the legal guardian of his nephew, Akira, and is trying to bring him up with his father's ideals. It will be difficult, but Tajiri is hopeful.

In his early twenties he managed to make enough money working the seamy side of the street to wire his reflexes so that he could take on more daring assignments. His reputation grew as a reliable operative until Valentine's Day. That is when his life changed forever.

His best friend, Tanaka, took a policeman's bullet that nearly took his life. It would have, that is, if he were not rushed to a new medical facility that, for a hefty sum and not a little strong-arming, would transfer Tanaka's brain and spinal cord into a cyborg shell. The process was miraculous. Within a week, Tanaka was banging the streets again, and Tajiri marvelled at his friend's newfound prowess.

But something in Tanaka was not healed by his transformation and he began to act erratically. So much so that Tajiri had to stop him from committing selseless murders. Eventually, though, even Tajiri's lifelong relationship with his friend could not save him and they ended up in a violent confrontation. Tajiri does not consider himself lucky for coming out of the exchange alive.

Tanaka's father was yakuza. This meant that Tajiri would have to leave his home. Without so much as a goodbye to his friends, he and Akira left MegaTokyo's neon streets with a hope for a new future in Neo York.

He has since taken residence in a low rise housing development where Akira can play with neighborhood children and he can look for the jobs that will make his reputation.

quote: Please accept my humble apology, for I have been requested to extort from you a pound of flesh which certain parties feel they are entitled.

DESCRIPTION Five-foot-ten and polite to a fault, Tajiri is a Japanese male who wears his black hair short-cropped. He has a close relationship with his frequently repaired armored duster, which has been with him ever since he could fit into it. Under the duster he is usually wearing a longsleeve t-shirt (promoting his favorite Japanese bands) and black kungfu pants. For special occasions, he has a dark blue suit that he will spend hours preparing until it is immaculate.

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