PLAYER: Mark Kobrak

Story: Dr. Snakeye is one of the Zone's few cyberneticists, and in his two years in the Zone has developed a reputation as one of its best. Until recently, he operated a clinic in Fort Dixie, but this was destroyed in an explosion following a vicious gunfight. The details are not widely known, and rumors abound about the presence of cyborgs, espers, Yakuza and corporate forces.

Since that incident, he has worked without a central base of operations, moving from place to place. He carries a surgical kit on his back, and somehow always seems able to provide the necessary services with these limited supplies. He has scaled back his practice, however; where in the past he would readily work for barter, he now operates on a cash basis. He still trades favors with people he believes can help him, however, and is believed to have developed a solid network of contacts.

The doctor's history is unknown, though he speaks with a slight Spanish accent, and his bearing and mannerisms are obviously corporate. Indeed, his entire pattern of behavior seems almost freakishly out of place in the Zone; rather than attempting to blend in, he acts as if he were part of a corporation. What confuses most of the Zone's denizens is that he is not condescending or contemptuous when he addresses them, but treats his clients as though they were equals in a corporate setting. The effect is very confusing to gang members who are used to bluff and intimidation in all their communication, and as a result he is treated warily by toughs who would normally run roughshod over anyone without obvious protection. Despite his innocuous Appearance, many in the Zone believe he has some hidden ace up his sleeve, and are loathe to push him too hard in case he does.

Description: Physically, Paolo is a Hispanic man in his late 30s, standing 5'9" and possessing a medium build. He wears his hair short, and is always carefully groomed. He has the good skin and toned musculature of a lifetime corper, but is by no means physically imposing. His most striking feature is his cybernetic eyes, which are almost entirely black with a small band of gray at the outsides. As his pseudonym suggests, the effect is rather like a snake's eye, but he often wears a pair of wrap-around sunglasses to conceal them. He is most often found wearing an armorcloth trenchcoat, and generally keeps his black leather medical kit with him at all times. When moving from place to place, he wears a large medical backpack.

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