PLAYER: Michael House

Simon Heller

Story: Born in 1997, Simon Heller is old enough to remember at least a little of the way things used to be, before it all went to hell. He also has the stories that his family told him of how it was before. And that's about all he has left of them, aside from an abiding taste for jazz, and a command of the more colorful parts of soldier talk.

Coming from a military background, going into the service when he was old enough seemed like a good idea at the time. In its infinite wisdom, the service initially assigned him to logistics after basic training, which left him plenty of time to practice his skills in marksmanship and carousing. He soon discovered he was a natural at both, as well as a lot of other things he turned his hand to.

The war was in its final phases at the time, however, so the service eventually woke up and realized that Simon's talents wasted in an office, and sent him to special forces. He stayed on after hostilities were officially over, having felt at the time that he had found his element. It was during and after this period, however, that things happened to change his life, making him the man he is today, in many respects.

He breezed into Neo York about a year ago, with a nearly impeccable service record but little known background other than that. Upon arrival, he set himself up in an office/apartment in one of the high-priced high-rises of the downtown area. He soon made his presence felt as a high-priced private eye who gets results, as well as being terribly attractive to women. Now, he goes all over town, including into the Zero Zone, in his trademark classic powder blue Porsche, which he drives like a maniac. When not on a case, two places he can sometimes be found are 93 Underground and the Village Vanguard.

Description: Simon cuts an impressive figure at 6" 2" and a muscular 190 bs. He has medium-length, dark wavy hair, dark eyes, and a rakish smile. He is handsome in a rugged way that can only be natural, i.e., no cosmetic or other artificial vid star-style treatments for him. He invariably wears black leather slacks and vest with a jacket over a black silk shirt. The outfit is actually made of ballistic cloth and flame-retardant fiber, for personal protection as well as style. He often carries two or three weapons at a time, usually a firearm or two, and a knife. He also carries a staff where possible. The only outward sign of his past experience is his left eye. It's a good cosmetic job, but anyone who takes a good close look will see that it is artificial. When asked, he dismisses it as a prosthetic, the result of a war injury, adding that he was luckier than many others.

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