Sandra Blackmore

PLAYER: Alex Fauth

Story: Sandra Blackmore was a member of NYPD inc with a surprising streak for honesty and actually wanting to help people. A bungled raid changed that, however, leaving her maimed and costing her an eye. Discharged from the force due to disability, and with very little else she could do, Sandra wound up in the Zone working as a hired gun, doing any job she thought she could handle.

Somehow managing to escape the Jinsei invasion of the Zone, Sandra now resides in Hong Kong with her boyfriend, David Lam. For the moment, she works there, doing the same things she did in the Zone.

quotes: "Tool. Tool, tool, tool, tool, tool."
"Now you can come quietly or else I can start breaking limbs. I'd prefer the latter, as I've had a fairly tooly day and am not in a good mood."
"Do you know what's the difference between the Zone and a toilet? You can flush a toilet."

Description: Sandra is tall, standing about 180 centimeters in height with a muscular build. Normally she would be considered attractive, but her hard life has taken its toll on her Appearance. Her face is scarred and she has numerous other scars across her body, especially the right arm and shoulder. Her black hair is short, shaggy and unkempt. Her eyes are dark blue; the right one is artificial, but looks natural.

Sandra usually wears black sythleathers with a black longcoat. Sandra tends to be murder on an outfit; her coats usually wind up full of holes. Under the coat, she keeps at least two pistols at all times.

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