PLAYER: Kurt Markuson

Story: John Sizemore was born and raised in the Zone, becoming familiar with crime and violence at a young age. In his early teens, he joined a gang called the Fangs, using his natural aptitude with machines to become an accomplished auto thief. During this time, he also honed his skills as a driver, becoming one of the gang's best and earning the name Rev. As his skills improved, Rev rose through the gang's hierarchy, eventually attaining a position of leadership. Things may have gone on like that, but something happened to change Rev's place in the order of things. The Fangs were approached by a representative of one of the South American cartels, offering them a chance to distribute a new drug known as Diamond Dust. Rev refused, but the other leaders had ideas of their own. They accepted the offer behind Rev's back, then they shot him and left him for dead. Rev wasn't dead, though. He managed to drag himself to a street doc, who agreed to patch Rev up in exchange for a large sum of money to be paid at a future date. That was a year ago. Rev now resides near Bartertown, offering his services as auto thief and wheelman to the highest bidder, trying to pay off his debt to the street doc, and hoping to extract a little payback from his former associates.

quote: "Hang on, I'm gonna try something cool."

Description: Rev stands at about 6'1", and weighs in at about 170 lbs. His ash blond hair falls to his shoulder blades and is usually tied back in a ponytail. His eyes are green, and he wears a pair of oval-framed, titanium-rimmed glasses. There is a rigger jack located behind his right ear; his only piece of cyberware. Rev usually wears jeans and t-shirts with various symbols on them, his favorite being a black shirt with a biohazard symbol on the front. Over these he almost always wears a grey armored longcoat. His footwear consists of steel-toed boots. He carries a 9mm automatic pistol in a shoulder holster, and if he's expecting trouble he'll bring his Ingram along.

Rev tends to come across as sarcastic and something of a wiseass, but he'll do something once he says he'll do it. Having grown up in the Zone, he doesn't have many prejudices. Nat or esper, replicant or cyberdroid, he evaluates anyone on a case by case basis. He doesn't much care for rich people, but he'll take their money. Rev's only real hatred is for drug dealers. He will never knowingly deal with one, and he won't hesitate to use violence on one, especially one who sells Diamond Dust.

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