Raven Clark

PLAYER: Mathieu Roy

Story: Born a badly deformed child in the Zero Zone, Raven lived a hard life, buoyed only by the loving care of her Aunt Lydia. At the age of twelve, she discovered her psychokinetic powers, and carefully honed them until she was a dominant figure in her neighborhood, a driving force that let the Clark Street Devils more than double their turf and shaped the gang into a far gentler form.

After a mugger's lucky shot put her into a corporate hospital, Raven was proposed an offer she could not refuse : the reconstruction of her body according to her genetic code, and the removal of her deformities, in exchange for signing up with Shiroko-Tsuhi. The results were more than she could have possibly hoped for. Raven is now employed by the corporation, but she hasn't forgotten her roots and her friends.

Description: Either Raven's genetics contained unexpected surprises, or someone at Shiroko-Tsuhi decided to fiddle with her parameters as a signing bonus, because Raven stepped out of the genetic correction vat as an extremely attractive woman. She's average in height, has a fit, well-defined, long-legged frame, a gentle-featured face that's usually wearing a smile, dark brown eyes, and smooth, shiny, long black hair. She thoroughly enjoys dressing in good-looking, fashionable clothes, spending much of her newfound wealth on them.

While usually very graceful, she does tend towards occasional slips and clumsiness, especially when doing complex operations (such as running). She also tends to forget that she has a fully functioning body when under stress (for example, using only her left hand, since her right was formerly unusable).

When going into combat she'll wear a flexible armored bodysuit, and carry her pistols in side holsters. When going out in the city, she wears her dull gray leather coat, and wears any of an assortment of nice-looking clothes; Raven hasn't quite grown out of a slightly narcisstic phase where she thoroughly enjoys finding new ways to look her best.

Raven does have a couple old pictures where she appears as her 'old self': a short, hunchbacked girl with misshapen, twisted, bandy limbs, a lumpy, badly pockmarked face, faded brown eyes—one noticeably larger than the other, and shiny black hair whose eerie beauty merely make the rest of her body appear uglier. She's sitting in a rickety wheelchair in all of them. She's framed one of them with a nice falcon bas-relief she made, and put it in her room on a dresser, because it's the only one she has that also pictures Aunt Lydia and Johnny the Wrench.

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