PLAYER: Marc Seebass

Story: Midori Stewart, a.k.a. Nightingale, was recruited at as a bodyguard for Jason James the son of Corperate Raider Jimmy James. Her work was incoqnito, because Jason didn't resisted his father's attempts to protect him. So instead of being a obvious bodyguard, Midori took a job as a back up singer in the Jason's band "Birds of Prey" After a year of work, Midori had to face an four member extraction team alone, and while she was successful in preventing them from capturing Jason, she was unable to stop the last member from detonating a package of C4. Medori only survived because of the underlying armor that she possesed, but Mr. James used the accident and an excuse to field test experimental new bio-were. Afectivly Medori is faster, and stronger than ever before, thanks to genetic enhansmence and regrown muscle and skin tissue, but she is unaware of the extent of the changes she has gone through. Her survival made her a media story, and she use the coverage to launch a recording career, taking on the name Nightingale as a tribute the 'The Birds of Prey" she is now working on a music career.

Description: Nightingale is about 5'9" slender with long dark hair. Her eyes are a her most striking feature. They are a deep penatrating violet. She tends to wear tight fitting outfits that show off her figure, Mocason shoes, and dreamcatcher earings. Her trademark colors, purple and gold, though she doesn't wear them all the time.

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