PLAYER: Clint DeVoe

Story: A halfie (Korean-mother, Japanese-father) born in his mother's homeland, Mitsuo was raised in the southern districts of Seoul. Joined the Korean Marines at age 17 and served a tour with the Royal Marines (British) in a LRRP (long-range-reconnaissance-patrol) unit doing not-so-sensitive operations in Eastern Africa.

After 8 years of service, Mitsuo left Korea and sought job opportunities in MegaTokyo. Unsuccessful in his half-hearted attempts, the quiet soldier was put in contact with the elusive Steel Commandos via an old Service mate, and was granted an interview. After passing Selection and the horrid 'Post-Selection-Interview', Mitsuo Mujuro offered 3 years service in a PAT (Precision Assault Team) unit, carrying out highly sensitive ops for the highest bidder. Most of these ops involved corporate espionage.

After one notable op, and his team's first and final failure, Mitsuo (the sole survivor), began to reconsider his contract. Conscience all but lost, Mujuro fled the Commandos and began a 3 year journey in the wastelands of Canada, hoping to find some sort of healing for his already damaged soul. Now, a bit more at peace with his lot in life, the mercenary has traveled to Neo York, hoping to find an occupation that would grant him a more stable and meaningful lifestyle. Unknown to Mujuro, however, is that the Commandos have already dispatched a team to recover their lost asset, or (should the need arise) to neutralize him if he should choose to refuse his contract.

Powers/Tactics: Mitsuo Mujuro is a professional mercenary, whose militant background has made him proficient in the killing arts. Having spent his entire life studying Gumdo (pronounced: goom-doe) (Korean: Way of the Sword), Mitsuo is a master in every aspect of the blade. Due to his time in Marine and Commando units, Close-quarter battle and counter-surveillance skills are also a specialty. Unfortunately his hand-to-hand skills don't compare to his talent with light weapons, but he has learned enough to have helped him survive this long.

Description: Mitsuo's Asian heritage has landed him dark brown hair and coffee coloured eyes. His hair is wild and to the nape of his neck, while his eyes have a dull and sorrowful sheen to them. Standing 5'8" and weighing 150 pounds, Mitsuo boasts of a hard and lean body, focused more on effective use than vain Appearances. His slight smile and sarcastic humour are often the only items in his life keeping him from disparity.

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