Lora Doubet

PLAYER: Logan Darklighter

Story: "In order to obtain a slave, you can either buy one or save the life of one."

Lora had run away from a rapidly disintegrating home environment to the Neo York Zero Zone. Lora depended upon her talent with music to get by from day to day. Playing her flute and "busking" for the passersby in various sections of the zone in return for food or credit chips, she hoped to save enough money for a real instrument, like a set of keyboards or a guitar. She set her hopes on joining up with one of the local bands playing in places like 93 Underground. She was reasonably focussed on her goals and had enough innate sense to survive day to day in the zone. She might have even made it out on her own someday.

The most powerful psychokinetic on the planet, Ran rarely makes forays out of his home in the Southside. A young, uncontrolled, and powerful PK talent awakening for the first time and causing him a severe headache was enough incentive for him to stir in order to stop the ringing in his head - by swatting the annoyance....

Shiroko-Tsuhi Corporation, alerted to the presence of an awakening talent in the nearby Zero Zone, got there in time to retrieve Lora's barely alive remains and save her by making her a full-body cyborg. Her new cyborg frame was designed not to interfere with her PK talent, and S-T hoped to gain a powerful cyborg-esper weapon. Unfortunately, Lora never developed any PK abilities beyond the basic ability to sense other PK signatures nearby. After months of testing and training, the experiment was considered to be a failure. But Lora would still be able to serve as a cyborg weapon. She was transferred to Shiroko-Tsuhi's investors, the Daitokuji Financial Group, where she has taken on a number of different jobs.

During her training, one of the corporation's martial arts instructors took it upon herself to get through to Lora and befriended her, while teaching her the principles of Jun Fan Kung Fu (Jeet Kune Do). Her friendship with her instructor, and other people thereafter, helped Lora find a new balance within herself. Lora's study of martial discipline has helped her learn to deal with the nature of her new body. At times, she even appears to enjoy her heightened abilities.

Lora values her friendships highly. When Lora socializes, she does so with enthusiasm. With her friends she has a smile, a quirky, offbeat sense of humor. However, on assignment, her demeanor quickly changes, she is quietly professional, serious, and a very no-nonsense person when it comes to confrontations.

Description: Lora Doubet appears to be a tall, healthy young woman in her late teens/early twenties. She keeps her blonde hair waist length and styled casually. Lora's tastes in clothing run to "casual eclectic". Preferring either blue jeans, athletic shoes, and sweaters or stylish, tasteful combinations of knee length skirt and blouse combinations that flatter her figure. Lora dresses for practicality when expecting combat, a sample outfit might consist of a formfitting reinforced jumpsuit with multiple pockets and snap on kneepads, calf high off-white boots with reinforced kevlar soles and protective shin guards, fingerless black gloves, and a black leather jacket with padded shoulders.

This is, of course, all a facade. What little is left of Lora's original body is housed in a highly advanced high performance combat cybergraft prosthesis weighing in excess of 300 pounds. Her hair is an auxiliary part of her heat management system. It is naturally white in color, and Lora colors it blonde to match her original hair color. But during prolonged exertion or battle, excess heat can burn off the dye since the fibers of her hair are not dye-permeable.

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