Kyle Andrews

PLAYER: Jay Richardson

Story: Kyle has never lived in anyone place for long. His parents died leaving him on his own at 16 in the state of New Jersey. An entered the bike illegal street racing competitions at 17. He quickly proved his talent for racing, and leapt into the more popular racing groups in the Neo York/New Jersey area.

He moved into Neo York at 18 and got himself a job as a corporate courier. He still raced illegally during the long nights in Neo York. Around 19, a corporate agent watched Kyle's drops and illegal racing. She offered him the best bike available without cyberwear as long as he did a few "simple" runs for her. Kyle accepted for the bike and because working for her and the corporation paid quite a nice chunk of change plus his racing winnings.

Personality/Motivation: Kyle is a semi-scarcastic and quick thinking street kid. He is fanatically loyal to his good friends and never takes anyone's crap. His motivation is to make a living and enjoy himself.

Appearance: Tall 6' 3''. He weighs 165 pounds, he has light black hair and green eyes. His tan skin is covered with tiny scars from racing, and fighting.

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