PLAYER: Jamie Jeans

Story: Korey Winter is, in reality, the long thought dead Karin Nys, having taken a new identity after faking her death in order to start anew without worrying about the corporation who trained her or Shion Nys. Using her connections gained during her time working as Karin, Korey has set up shop in Neo York in a house in the suburbs, contracting out to whoever needs a person of her skills. These assignments are usually of an espionage nature, involving the stealing of vital information or the prototype of a new weapon or vehicle design. Also, Korey has been hired to bring in people as well, and has often enlisted the aid of other people such as Aoi and Kami. She has a number of sources at her disposal, including the new Spycorp.

Korey is calm, cool, and collected, and has a number of hand-to-hand and weapons skills to aid her. She also has the aid of Ray, the last remaining member of the former Synthetic Psychokinetic program, whom she found dying of starvation in the Zero Zone some weeks after getting set up. She snuck him back into Neo York and nursed him back to health, and it is only recently that he has regained his full strength.

Description: Korey Winters is of average height, about five foot, eight inches tall, with shoulder length white hair with a blue streak down the middle of it and two differently coloured eyes; one blue and one green. She has an athletic build, with numerous scars about her body. Normally, she wears a light gray business suit, but also has an array of clothing stored away for whatever mission she may take, from paramilitary gear to Japanese school uniforms.

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