Kei Hayashibara

PLAYER: Thomas Michael Edwards

Story: Orphaned at the age of three, Kei and her sister Rika were taken in and raised as wards of the corporation that their parents had worked for, Kagura Securities, Inc. Being a genie (or genner; a human who's had a "genetic upgrade") with increased physical abilities, Kagura steered Kei's education and training into more physical pursuits, such as her life-long study of various forms of martial arts. This suited Kei just fine as having been born with her abilities and being a somewhat hyper (read: a terror) child, she literally attacked her instruction with gusto. Another reason for the assault on her physical studies was the loss of her father. Kei's mother died during childbirth for Kei, as a result her father doted on her, and her sister, terribly. This inevitably made her father the chief supporting pillar and absolute center of her world. When he was killed, her world, predictably, collapsed. If not for the presence of her sister and the escape of her physical studies, she might very well have retreated into herself and never come out again. As an adult, Kei's world now revolves around her family and her physical pursuits, martial arts chief among them, and while she is fond of the things that money can buy, perhaps too fond sometimes, she craves neither money nor power for their own sake.

Recently, Kei and her family found out that Kagura had swept the fact that another employee had ordered their father's murder under the rug "for the good of the corporation". Feeling betrayed, Kei and her family left Kagura and are trying to make new lives for themselves.

quotes: "I'm ok! I'm ok! I meant to do that."
"How long have you studied the martial arts?" … "Really? You should have started younger. It would have helped your form."

Description: Kei stands 1.6 m (5'3") tall, weighs in at 59 kg (130 lbs), and has a trim, well-defined, athletic figure. She has an unruly mop of bright reddish/orange hair (she claims the color is natural), large light-brown eyes, a pale blemish-free complexion, and attractive features of oriental descent. She tends to move very gracefully and organically with very little wasted motion, when she's not bouncing around like an out of control missile that is.

While not 'on duty', her usual wardrobe consists of somewhat loose clothing, the more colorful/flashy and stylish the better, over skin-tight bodysuits. She also frequently wears fingerless gloves. As needed for business Appearances or other formal occasions, her preference is for very tailored jacketless (vest-style) pantsuits that emphasize her figure.

When expecting trouble, she will wear one of her ubiquitous bodysuits as a base and layer armor over that. Over the bodysuit, she will wear either some form of LBA/CBA that doesn't restrict her body movements too much, if she can get it, or, if not, a heavy body armor suit. She will usually carry a short sword (worn horizontally at the base of her back, unsheathing from the right), a pair of combat knives (at the sides of her torso), and a pistol or two of some type (on her mid to lower back).

Kei also wears a rather odd necklace. It's a chain from which hangs a small curved plate, which both appear to be made of some stainless-steel looking alloy. The plate is inscribed with four sets of Japanese kanji.

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