Karin Nys

PLAYER: Jamie Jeans

Story: Karin Nys is the single daughter of Brian Nys, a corporate executive of a large corporation that resides in Southern British Columbia, and was born in August 15 of 2008. Hoping to use her as a bargaining chip for a future arranged marriage between his corporation and another, Brian Nys started Karin in a series of training programs to become the perfect bargaining chip. Karin was trained in everything from martial arts to weaponry, to even psychological warfare such as seducing men and women. He even went so far as to have Karin shoot a man for practice, to make her more susceptible to killing.

However, unhappy with the direction her father was putting on her life, Karin skipped out on the lessons halfway through, grabbed some clothes, some weaponry, some money, and promptly left for Neo York. Her reasoning for this is that if she was destined to be a killer, then at least she would be a killer of her own choosing. As soon as she arrived in Neo York, she started about making contacts for hits as an assassin, but ran into difficulty as she was often mistaken for one of the Nys sisters as well as being related to them in some extent. This frustrated her to no end and Karin became determined to become well known as an assassin rather then being mistaken for one of the Nys sisters such as Marta or Shion.

Description: Karin Nys stands at five feet, seven inches tall and has a slim athletic frame. She has short blue hair, it comes down just short of her shoulders, and deep green eyes.She is twenty three years old and also has a modest chest size... hey, this is a physical description after all.

Usually, Karin dresses in a leather jacket, much like what bikers wear, jeans, and a white t-shirt. She also wears combat boots and fingerless leather gloves.

For the type of equipment she carries, she uses a .45 magnum, the revolver kind, as well as a sniper rifle. She also carries several small rocket assisted grenade rounds, like you were talking about, for emergencies. She also carries a huge Bowie knife that she keeps strapped to her back.

Being in good shape, Karin has the strength and endurance of a professional athlete, she can lift a total of 150 pounds, can run several miles without being winded, and is fairly agile. She can handle her guns well, but, as she skipped out halfway through her training, does not and cannot handle them as a professional would.

As well as her gun handling, Karin knows a mix of several martial arts such as Karate, Kung-Fu, jujitsu, judo, and so forth. But like her gun training, this training was skipped out on halfway through so Karin has not yet learned to master these different techniques.

Also added to these physical skills are psychological ones. Karin has been taught how to use her 'assets' to seduce either men or women, how to appear inconspicuous in a crowd while searching for something or someone, and how to judge people.

Along with these skills, Karin has been taught such basic skills like first aid and gun cleaning.

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