PLAYER: Rob Rutherford

Story: Kami first showed up in the Zone a couple of years ago working as the personal assistant to Angel, a high level Street Samurai. It was just assumed that Kami was Angel's pet she kept around for her personal amusement. Then about a year ago Kami started taking contracts independent of Angel. Since then Angel has moved elsewhere, Kami remains in the Zone taking free-lance contracts from time to time.

Description: Kami first appears as if she should be teenager hanging out in a mall or Arcology. She not very tall, only about 5'5", weighs less than 100#, and couldn't possibly be much over 17. Her long platinum blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail going down into the middle of her back. And her amber eyes are almost mesmerizing, however her piercing gaze seems to burn look right through you. She has soft delicate features more appropriate to a super-model than a street sam. The her twin pistols, her katana and her tanto all speak a different story. But even so it is difficult for many to take this lithe girl seriously at a Samurai, until they see her toss a 200#+ man around like a rag doll.

Kami favors a variety of clothing from urban camo, to skin tight black bodysuits. She is almost always dressed this way, even when meeting suits. Unfortunately it's easy to see her as being too street chic.

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