PLAYER: Miq Millman

Story: Mr Jonez may not be perfect, but he's as close to being there as money can buy. A self made billionare, he created his fortune through wise investing during the hey day of internet stocks at the end of the last millennium. Thus, while he did not grow up in wealth as a child, he has spent almost the entirety of his adult life in the lap of luxury. His general atitude towards others (especially those that require his services) is as a result a bit haughty, infact some might see him as downright megalomaniacal. This self-obsessiveness and reserved attitude don't deminish the fact that he is very good at what he does, he'd say he's the best, and others agree.

A job with Jonez is a job well paid. It's understood by many that he does whatever it takes to get the job done--even if it means taking a loss on a deal, and for that his clients are willing to pay top dollar. In the end it must work out alright for Mr Jonez, he seems to be able to make it through the winter just fine.

Description: The Net icon for Mr Jonez is a cartoonish looking butler with monocle and slicked back hair. In real life, his Appearance isn't much different. Mr Jonez is always dressed to the nines, usually in a formal suit of some type, either tradional tuxedo or occaisionally a formal Kimono or Chinese silk togs. Most often he will be attired in a tuxedo, with expensive cuff links, matching watch fob, kit gloves and a cane. Appearing to be a well preserved early 40's, mostly due to his snow white hair and pencil moustache, he is actually in his late 50's. Of average height and tending to the thin side of fit, he does impose an impressive figure: distinguished, well poised and at ease in any situation. Mr Jonez has a reputation for never losing his cool, always keeping things under control when he is on the job.

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