PLAYER: Paul Floriani

Story: Joe Virgil is a new arrival in Neo York. Those with the right sort of connections could easily find out that he was a member of the elite mercenary guild known as the Grey Wire, most recently serving as the guild's netrunner. He'll volunteer as much if asked. The fact that he no longer wears the guild's insignia suggests that he is now a free agent.

His reputation in netrunner circles is very good, and he is entertaining offers for employment, most notably from various corporations.

Description: Joe is twenty six years old. He is almost exactly two meters tall and weighs one hundred twenty four kilograms (6'6", 273 lbs). The rigorous life of a mercenary has made him powerfully muscular and he keeps his physique honed with a rigorous program of exercise. He has fine, pale blonde hair worn in a buzz cut, and his eyes are a clear blue. He has a handsome face, with open, honest looking features that make him seem more honest and naive than he really is. His flesh is fair but he bears numerous scars and his hands are calloused.

Aside from his size and physique, his most noticable feature is his left arm, which is a cybernetic replacement. The entire outer surface is lacquered black. He also has a high-grade data jack installed behind his left ear.

He is willing to dress appropriately for whatever the occasion is, but is most often seen in a set of grey armored clothing (jacket, pants, cap, boots).

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