PLAYER: Brian Wawrow

Story: Joe is a former UNA special operative and a veteran of many missions that never officially existed. After his discharge from UNA SO, he became a freelance operative specialized in heavy killing. His knowledge of cyborg mechanics, demolitions and electronic jamming serve him well while fighting heavily armoured opponents. In contrast to his prey of choice, Joe has no cyborg parts, genetic upgrades or modifications of any kind.

Of course, Joe isn't without his advantages. Joe has a Class 7 PK rating and is known for his excellent control and tactical versatility. Joe doesn't advertise his PK abilities and uses them only when more mundane methods are insufficient. Even among those who are aware of his abilities, he never discloses all the techniques in his repertoire, preferring to keep an ace up his sleeve for unforeseen circumstances.

Description: Joe is a musclular man of average hight with light brown skin and short black hair. He has a tattoo from his UNA special ops unit as well as some traditional Maori tatoos on his shoulders. He has burn scars across his lower back and left side as well as a scar from a bullet would across his right jawline. Joe tends to dress conservatively. His lucky blue armour jacket is the only article of clothing that shows any where. He has a penchance for expensive shirts but tends to wear simple black jeans and shitkicker boots. He has no physical modifications. Even his hair is its original black. His ethnic background is a mixed bag that includes but is not limited to Maori, Korean, French Canadian, Mohawk and Egyptian.

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