Jeremy Luckhestein

PLAYER: Bernardo Sanguinetti

Jeremy Luckhestein

Story: Born in a very rich family, he was the first creation of a secret Bioengineering project. His father paid for the project and got the result he wished in his son.

By the time he reached school, he was very advanced for his age and was considered a genius. He and completed school and and university within few years. After that, he decided to make his own money and gain power by himself.

He founded BioTrack one year ago with the money he gained from projects that were sold to big corporations. He decided to make it bigger and expand his company, especially now that he has some contracts with major companies. That is the main reason he moved to Neo York, so he could be in the heart of the business.

Description: Jeremy Luckhestein is of average height (6 feet tall) and a slim build. He has a handsome face, with dark brown eyes and a short, jet-black hair that makes a nice contrast with his fair skin. His expression is of one that enjoys the life and his smile is an icebreaker. He likes to deal with others.

He uses thin glasses that give him a quite serious look, and he likes it; otherwise he would be considered a something of a silly or frivolous boy, especially in certain social circles.

He normally wears casual clothes, however recent events has obliged him to wear a business suit, something that he hates and try to avoid if possible.

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