PLAYER: Bernardo Varella-Cid

Story: Ishimori was born in the Zero Zone slums. Since early as a child she was alone, as her parents died from disease. She was poor and lived alone in the streets. Since she had no one to take care of her, she had to figure out ways to survive and how to steal in order to live. It wasn't easy to deal with that type of life, but it was just something she was forced to do.

When she was 12 years old, she was taken along with some other street kids, to become part of a special corporation plan to create a superior spy operative. The project was new and used new technology, so having a street kid taken would be just great, since nobody would notice his/her disAppearance. Under tests, she revealed more potential than the others as she had a great capability for dodging and good levels of flexibility.

She was given augmentations and genetic upgrades to be faster and stronger as well as more agile than any regular human, and trained to be the best at whatever she did.

Trained in Jeet Kune Do (martial art) she learned all about both unarmed combat and using bladed weapons. She was also trained in several different firearms, being capable of handling almost any weapon available in the market, as well as maintaining them.

Furthermore, she was trained in computer systems and electronics, as to become a better agent. To this extent she was given implants as to be able to read computer languages and program, as well as being able to surpass electronic devices and security systems.

With 22 years of age, and after a 10 year of intensive training, she became the best field operative, fearless and cold. It seemed nothing could disturb her judgment or take her away from her objective. The organization saw that they had little control of her methods, although she always completed her missions. With time she became more and more rogue, so the Corporation sent out an order for her termination. Seeing this, she decided it was time for her to leave, so she disappeared, with the use of an opti-cam cloak device to become unnoticed.

She currently undertook the codename "Red Dawn" and is a bounty hunter as well as a mercenary for hire. Although she is merely 23 years old she is has already gained fame of being unstoppable. No one knows how to contact her or reach her for her services. Word has it that when a job interests her she is the one who shows up.

Description: Ishimori is medium height, and looks slim, although she is quite strong due to bio-organic implanted augmentations. She has blue eyes and purple hair. Her way of dressing varies, but normally it is rather casual and simple. She almost always wears sunglasses, enhanced with nightvision.

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