PLAYER: Mike Schiedel

Hans Adler

Story: Hans Adler betrays his non-North American nationality with a strong Germanic accent, but seems reluctant to provide an adequate explanation of what he is doing slumming in the Zero Zone. Obvious from the first time he opens his mouth that he is more about cultured intelligence and higher reasoning rather than hard-bitten mercenary leanings, he nonetheless has appeared in several gathering places of said guns-for-hire (and looking rather conspicuous while he was there), and is rumoured to have met with an agent of Spycorp for reasons unknown.

Powers/Tactics: While the picture of tweed-wearing middle-aged civilian, Hans is ex-military and yet retains much of his skill in basic warfare and piloting combat. He's perhaps a bit slower on the trigger these days than in his youth, but that likely will change with experience and coming under fire again. He does carry an old army pistol, but tries to avoid situations where it might be necessary to utilize it.

He does, apparently, possess some sort of skill that makes his services desirable to Spycorp, however...

Appearance: Hans is very much an Aryan in Appearance with fair skin, piercing blue eyes, and slightly overlong blonde hair touched with silver at the temples. He's clearly into his middle years, the blush of youth common to the Zone crowd fled from his features long ago. While only of average height he’s in quite good shape for a man his age, maintaining much of the conditioning of his youth.

Another thing that sets him apart from many of those who work the mercenary circuit, he lacks any sign of visible cyber-enhancement. Furthermore, he’s dressed in, of all things, a slightly shabby tweed three piece suit and a pair of scuffed brown loafers – the garb of a university professor, perhaps, or at the very least someone’s learned uncle.

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