PLAYER: William K. Bushway

Story: Gretchen is the leader of one of the smallest, yet most vicious go-gangs to prowl Neo York; The ZoneWolves. According to Gretchen's police record, she lived a primarily normal, middle-class life until she was brutally assaulted by a thrillgang shortly before her 23rd birthday. Following extensive reconstructive surgery, Gretchen was placed in the care of a psychotherapist to treat the emotional trauma created by the event. Despite treatment, Gretchen continued to manifest "phantom pain;" she could still "feel" her injuries months after the assault. Finding no other recourse, Gretchen's therapist okayed the implantation of a trauma editor to allow her to manage her pain.

Details become sketchy at this point. What is known for sure is that Gretchen proceeded to check herself out of the hospital, and then began liquidate all her financial holdings. When surgeons at local hospitals refused to greenlight any further cyber-augmentation surgery without doctor's orders, Gretchen disappeared. Three months later a heavily-cybered woman matching Gretchen's description tried to cross into Neo York at the Darkside checkpoint without a SIN. The woman claimed she had sold her identification in Bartertown, and while the guard was attempting to get confirmation a go-gang (later identified as the ZoneWolves) crashed the gates into Neo York.

Police spotters later confirmed that Gretchen currently leads the ZoneWolves. The gang seems to support itself be acting as couriers between the Zone and Neo York proper, specializing in crashing border checkpoints. Since Gretchen took the reigns of leadership, the ZoneWolves have also repo'd a number of rogue replicants. Gretchen has been spotted leading the ZoneWolves on "hunts," running down anyone foolish enough to be traveling the Zone alone at night. She seems to get a sick thrill from playing cat-and-mouse with her victims.

Description: Gretchen stands approximately 5'6", with a gymnast's build. Her ice-blue eyes make a sharp contrast to her cornsilk hair, cut along her jawline but usually worn in cornrows under her helmet. She has the pale, unblemished skin of someone who's undergone genetic modification. A double-row of silver studs trace the length of her spine, evidence of a boosted nervous system. She generally wears a suit of armored riding leathers topped by a helmet with a tinted visor, featuring a grinning death's head.

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