PLAYER: Max Fauth

Gem, a.k.a. Aoi

Story: Gem is something of a mystery to zone inhabitants. She wandered in one day, familiar with people and places around the zone, yet is a complete unknown. She took up residence with an old man who lives near the wastelands, working his small garden in exchange for food and board.

She works as a street samurai, yet is very closed about her background. She rarely talks about her past, and what little she says is often about her sister. The two are twins; nothing is known apart from that.

Personality/Motivation: Gem is hot-tempered, emotional and quick to anger. She lets her feelings get carried away, and often winds up in trouble as a result. She seems obsessed with revenge on Shiroko-Tsuhi, yet realises that her goal of revenge may be almost impossible to attain. She occasionally gets depressed and seems to have little value for her own life. As a result, she will often take unnecessary risks, throwing herself into danger.

Powers/Tactics: Gem is wired up almost exclusively for speed. She specializes in close-quarters combat, using either old man Gen's martial arts training, or her heavily-customized Beretta 95R. She is always on the offensive, striking quickly to stun or disable opponents and move onto the next, rarely thinking about preserving herself.

Appearance: Gem is a leggy and athletic Japanese girl, with short and unkempt black hair. She has piercing green eyes, giving her an exotic appearance. She dresses in dark clothing, usually her black armored pants and jacket over a grey tank top. She always carries her Beretta in her jacket.

Under her shirt she wears a plain silver locket, in which is a photo of a Caucasian girl with long blonde hair, green eyes and a pleasant smile. She also wears a pearl stud in her right ear; her only memento of her long-gone parents.

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